Research shows smokers are lazy

Ex smokers with COPD can not afford a lazy lifestyle becoming depressed with decreasing lung function the answers are with us the exercises can be taught but it is a bring your own motivation event.

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and that's another generalisation danwhite. Not all those on benefits smoke or go to work!

Did you see "Big Dee" from James Taylor Street on the BBC Benefits Row programme - ?tuesday i think - who stayed calm and rational amidst most others on the panel, politicians, celebrities etc, interrupting and screaming? Please don't swallow distorted stereotypes danwhite.

Rather stick pins in my eyes !!

Can't always believe everything the newspapers say, as many members on this site show by keeping active within the limitations of their illness, motivation being to remain active as long as possible even though we know there is no cure. But after all everyone including the newspaper has a right to voice their opinion. Free speech it's called I believe.

Disturbed sleep was a good reason for reduced action makes common sense for me a bad day follows a bad night with no sleep, I always found smoking relaxing no anxiety or depression.

Research shows, some people prefer to stereo type and others pay no attention to those that do.

Here's some news that may help the smoker have hope

I believe since this is a lung support site, to encourage in a positive way is more helpful than dumping a news headline that tells the smoker they are lazy.

Smokers don't ever give up giving up, wishing you every success with your efforts to be smoke free:

Well said Blakey x

They didn't exactly use a lot of people in their study.

I've always said that exercise is the best thing for COPD after giving up smoking. I can do a lot more than people who are less worse off than me. I am Stage 4. You must believe in yourself and your body's abilities..

puffthemagic dragon,i use to run with a fag in my mouth,i run now no fags ,you must use what you have or loose it altogether,i hope I,m like you at stage 4,,xxx

Call me Puff, most do ! :)

I agree. Use it or loose it !

thank you puff ,I,m glad your better now, and I see there is 2 puffs ,can I ask is the other puff ok?xxx

The other half isn't doing to well. She spends a lot of time in bed at the moment because the large pulmonary damaged a part of her heart. They say it may cure itself. She's also getting puffed out doing some things and is a bit weak. Apart from that, she's ok !

She knows I've written this.

I would think it's about time they lifted her ban after 1 year.

sometime it can heal itself puff,but caution and slow going is my advice.3 years,didnt know this was hear till I googled copd and found the forum,i will do a little research ,my best wishes to your wife and love to both of you,xxx,

My mistake . It's been one year.

Thank you very much for your kind words. xxx

thank you for sharing with me,xxxstill 1 year though ,the blf nurses are compassionate and caring and I think in time a compromise will be found ,xxx

Sorry to hear about OD puff, hope she recovers ok, I agree her ban should be lifted after one year.

Thank you BC. Very kind.

A year is a long time. She would have got less than that for swearing at a judge! AND, If she was the type who is NOT wanted here she would have just re-joined under another name!

Agree re lifting the ban puff.

Mods: please take note!!

Hi Puff, could you explain more about exercise for COPD. I find I can do very little in the way of physical activities. What should I be doing?

What I was told at Pulmonary Rehab was to exercise slightly beyond what you can do. In other words, if you can walk 4 steps and get short of breath, then do one more step. Just walking around the house is exercise and any other thing that makes you exert yourself. Don't overdo it though, take it gently. You will find that you can do more, slowly but surely.

Thanks for that info Puff.

Thanks BC. It's rather odd that the one being cared for has to look after the carer !

With several stays in hospital throughout my life, ( not smoke related), I have found that the smokers are quickest to recover. Reason,... The need to get out and smoke. I had a hysterectomy along with 3 others on my ward. They were still using bedpans 3 days later, while I was up after 24 hours. Not saying fags are good, they get us in the end, but. Defo not lazy. !!!!

interesting thank you

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