In memory of Richard Cornish - King of the Cocktails

I have investigated the British Lung Foundation main website for details of donating. I decided that I would consider donating by phone - easier for my simple brain.

What I did find was a corner where tributes would be paid in King's memory. I need to return to see further details. Look for Breathe of Life fund. Keep you posted. x

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Well done Pergola. x

I haven't finished yet. I wanted people's reactions. I am going back this afternoon, to investigate. But nipping out now before it rains again and again. See you soon x

That's a brilliant idea pergola1.Will watch for your further details later. There is a site called gone too soon where you can set up a tribute page, no cost and people can leave a message, or light a candle, just another thought Bye for now.x

Great idea Pergola x

Brilliant idea. Berwick xxx

What a Brilliant Idea Well Done Pergola, Matt

Thank you ....I was wondering how to donate and looked at the relevant section on the BLF site....there are a few options there.

Thanks, all. I needed your reactions. This is not easy, sadly, I got the "404 not available" on the main BLF site. I rang the forum and got someone that is new to the job, and seemed hesitant. Try them again for a personal donation. Disappointing but think I will try "Gone too Soon" Thanks Katie xx

Good afternoon

The BLF has a "facility" called a Breathe of Life fund that can be set up to collect donations in memory of someone. Obviously this is only something that a family would do.

It is possible for anyone to make a doantion and tell us that it is in memory of someone.

Donations can be made over the phone, by cheque/post or online.

Yes pergola1 you did call the Helpline and there was no-one available for us to pass your call to - we did offer to take your name and number to call you back - so please don't give up so easily.



Thank you, Mark, for replying. I dont remember giving my phone number but I wont discuss that. I have been feeling off colour all day so haven't feeling like phoning. It is only now I came down to pursue this matter so dont accuse me of giving up. Pre-judgement here.

I think it was meant more as encouragement, pergola. x

Lovely idea and will keep a look out for more info. thanks Pergola. xxx

The Breath of Life FAQ page may help:

I have spoken to Mark. Apparently, Breath of Life is for relatives. I have made my donation for King in his memory by phone. Open to discussion and some might not agree, but I think some lovely tributes had been made within the forum, and read by Patricia. xx

I have read them too & it,s heartening to see so many of us appreciated the humor & kindness Richard brought to the site, but I,m saddened that Mark has refused a permanent tribute on this site, apparently humor is "not everyone's cup of tea"

I'm glad you were finally able to make a donation in Richards memory

Karen xxx

A post could be made with just KOTC's jokes in it. Maybe called " King of the Cocktails lighthearted Laughs . "

If you look at the post I put up in Questions Puff, you,l see the answers to requests for a special area for KOTC's jokes, it,s very sad that it,s been turned down, but at least we tried after all it was the least we could do considering the work Richard put in here

Karen xxx

I suppose I could do a post with all his jokes in by copying and pasting or just put links up. With Patricia's approval.

It,s not for me to say Puff, HU thought it a nice idea & a lovely tribute but the BLF don't share that view, as humor is not everyone's cup of tea!!! Bit of a slap in the face to all those who do their utmost to raise moral around here in my opinion, & utterly dismissive of Richards efforts,


A very generous gesture pergola1 remembering a wonderful man well done.

Here's a link about the Breathe of Life Fund.

That was a thoughtful thing to do Pergola1 for KOTC. true these sort of donations are usually made by families and sometimes it's best to ask them about a permanent tribute, these times are always sensitive for family and friends. I am sure Patricia will be pleased with your kind thoughts for her husband. XX

On the FAQ page link I posted above it says for family and friends


What is a Breath of Life Fund?

A Breath of Life Fund is a positive and simple way for friends and family to remember a loved one and in their name help the British Lung Foundation lead the fight against lung disease.

How do I set up a Breath of Life for my loved one?

It is very easy to set up .....

read more:

I didn't realise you had already posted that link BC. Never mind. Every little bit helps.

no worries puff, my link was to the FAQ page :)

It would have been nice to have a special area for the memory of kotc. He was so kind, and an inspiration. There have been lots and lots of messages about him on here that we can all read and reflect on. I know many, many of us will be thinking about him for a long time, and thoughts go to his wife and family.

That was very good of you Pergola, thank you for trying to find all this out for us. Cheryl

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