Jet lagged and I've only travelled 10 miles to Worcester and back :)

I'm back already healthunlockeders having done the sleep EEG, After crawling the 10 miles through the rush hour traffic we made it to the hospital just in time where a young nurse technician wired my brain up by gluing lots of sensors all over my head. She then put me to bed and said lie quietly for 40 minutes, dimmed the lights and left me on my own in the room. As she shut the door she said I'll be watching you on a TV screen in the next room. (weird or what)

I've gotta say I was feeling pretty tired after being deprived of any sleep for 27 hours and wasn't to surprised when I woke myself up with a loud snore as you do after about 20 mins. I didn't drop off again but lay there until the nurse returned as promised after about 40 minutes.

I climbed off the bed and sat back in the chair where the torturous part of the test began.

Each sensor seemed glued into my hair and with each removal I felt a clump of my hair leave with it, we'll being a man I couldn't show any sign of pain and chatted away normally as I lost what little hair I have left.

Well most hospital visits have a little pain and suffering included somewhere and its free so why complain eh' :)

As usual I asked the nurse did you see anything to worry about and got the standard answer that the results will be sent to my GP in due course. They never give anything away at the time do they even though they probably know the answer.

The silly thing is, I'm home now and don't feel like going to bed but I'm sure when I do I'll be out like a light and for a long time too.

Thanks all you healthunlockeders for answering my early morning post and if your thinking of venturing out today think again, the weather is horrendous here in Malvern, I'm glad to be back home in the warm :)


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  • Glad you are back home safe and sound Tony, have a few hours shut eye this afternoon, set the alarm for 6.30pm so you can get back into sleeping around midnight again after something to eat and a blast on the treadmill :).

    I always get a red rash from those sensors, some calming rescue remedy cream if you have some in or the Sudocrem is also good to put on any sore spots.

    When you get to it happy dreaming and hoping you don't have to wait too long for results.

    Best wishes BC :)

  • Hi BC, still no sleep but expecting to crash very soon. I feel a little treadmill time coming up first and then dream time.

    The last time I was deprived of sleep was on ITU, I was so incredibly tired but the relentless alarms going night and day made it impossible. I think I was the main culprit as my sats were always dropping below 90 even on maximum oxygen which kept the alarms wailing.

    I can now sleep through anything but when watching any medical programs on TV the sounds of the different machines bring back so many memories. :)


  • Very professional post dall, couldn't do better myself, hope everything is okay for you!

  • Thanks Rick, say it as it happened and you can't go far wrong. I'm feeling good for this time of year but looking forward to better weather.

  • Well that sounds like one to get over and done with. Good luck with your results dall.

    love cx

  • Yes cofdrop, I'm glad I can return to normal sleep hours as my head is feeling a little fuzzy at the minute.

    Wonder how long the results will take to come through and my hair to grow back. Ha Ha

    Tony x

  • No rash but I'm going to have fun washing the lumps out of my hair later. Its like blobs of silicone all tangled up in knots.

  • Hi Tony, Hopefully everything went well, As for your hair you can always say you were attacked by your Keep-Fit Video Groupies, Yes i managed the three flights it has taken it's toll now, Might not have the strengh for the Pool & The Gym will miss one I think, The Dreadmill will top up your tiredness, Happy zzzzzzzz's. MC

  • I'm typing from my bed now MC, the lack of sleep has finally hit home so dreadmill postponed until body can match enthusiasm. These should recalibrate sometime tomorrow so until then ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

  • DALL05, that is a good job done and out of the way. Thought of you about 2 am. Couldn't sleep either. Tried camomile and honey, relaxation music. Neith did it. The nurse wont give you the answer, policy. It is the GP's position to answer. As for the screen, htere is a reason for that but dont know the answer. Husband has just returned from Addenbrookes following his check up which was good. Had to wait a time for his special med (mega bucks) pergola x

  • Why not have a nap? Oh, you are. See you later then. Sweet dreams.

  • Nap, I could have hibernated for a month after that experience.

  • Hi Tony. You sure do the rounds with the hospital. Are you sure they are not using you as a specimen for study!

    Still as a miracle patient they've invested too much in you to lose you! Think by now you're used to a little pain.

    Good luck with your results. Sara x

  • I'm going back again next Monday for a spirometry so more torture there but like you say pain is something you kind of learn to deal with and its all for the greater good eh'

    Tony x

  • Well done, Tony! Now looking forward to the results.

    Hope, by the time you read this, you will have had a really long refreshing sleep - I'll watch the weather for you! (It's still sh*te)

    Jude x

  • Whats with this weather, think I'll sleep for a few more months and hopefully it'll all be over by then and the sun will shine and shine. Well when your sleeping you can dream can't you Ha Ha. Tony xx

  • Your own bed is always the best

  • You ain't wrong there although the electric all singing all dancing one I had in ICU was pretty good. It had loads of adjustments and kept moving underneath you to stop bedsores and blood clots etc.

    I even dreamed about the dam thing while I was sleeping in it. There was a whole bunch of us flying like a squadron of spitfires to the battle of Britain music. I was recently out of sedation and those drugs do strange things to you as you can tell. :)


  • I also miss my feather pillows but my mattress is a thick one with a topper with a soft top sheet and a nice warm duvet I have even been known to wear bed socks when the old man is away I love my bed.

  • Sounds pretty good, its a wonder you ever leave it, in fact its probably the best place to be until this weather finally changes. x

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