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my copd

amazing just got back from tenerife and while i was there because of the nice weather i would never know anything was wrong with me not that i do have much breathing problems at the moment but sometimes cant seem to reach a high breath and do get tired.

i was diagnosed last january 2013 with moderate copd and was on seretide 500 2 puffs a day 1 in the evening and 1 in the morning but in july i ask the doctor has i know my body and how i feel and because of cramps if i could try seretide 250 and i have been on that one since then (6 MONTHS) still one puf evening and one puff morning and been ok and now waiting for another lung test.

I know we are all diferant with our lungs and dont think other people should do this unless the doctor thinks ok, but with me i just thought at the moment why take a stronger dose med if i dont need it at this time has i would rather wait further in time when i do need the strong one.. has i know we need to do what the docters say but i think we somtimes know our own body has well and how we feel in ourselfs.

and i think maybe if we can exercise it is somtimes better then some drugs..ROLL ON THE SUMMER

all the best and keep breathing everyone

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Great news - funny illness, my husband cant cope with the dry heat anymore! So glad to hear how well your are. Agree about the meds. - I am sure that we know our bodies better than doctors sometimes. Long may you stay well. TAD xx

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Hi Music, I have always loved the sun there was no holiday last year as I was diagnosed with IPF along with Rheumatoid Arthritis which restricted my breathing and mobility to no end, I started to excersise every day just doing a bit more each day to the level of getting myself back to work, And this year I will go somewhere near and hot in my case maybe Englang or Murcia in Spain, Matt


Hi Music im same warm sunny and im great but autumn winter ill mind this years been worst ever. But im rheumatoid arthritis too so going for ct scan to see if anythings going on in lungs with the RA. Role on summer xxx take care Judith


Welcome home Music, how wonderful to have a holiday in the sun.

Re the Seretide I can go down to 125 when I'm really well (or on a hot desert island). I'm on 2 x 250 morn & eve at the moment as an experiment that seems to be working.

I can go reduce the does as I improve. .... because I've got the 125's on standby it means I dont have to do the steep drop when reducing, I just replace one dose with a 125 (375) for a few days then drop the other dose to 375 for a while until I'm comfortably back down to 125 2 x daily - cant wait for that. I'd rather not take too many steroids.

This was on GP advice but I shall check with the respiratory nurse when I see her for the bi-annual check.

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I have very severe emphysema and am only on 250 as well.


I love the summer but Mom who also had COPD didn't do to well in the hot weather always liked to feel a breeze


hi music, glad to here you enjoyed yourself,and quite agree with you. i have been there before i was diagnosed with copd, and i know the sun helped my underlying illness ,, an arthritic illness to the spine and joints. , but getting slightly more disabled now,would doubt if i could go again, but just one point picked up on the thread, i didnt even know there were different strengths seritide, i take 2 puffs 500 seritide each day, i actually thought that was the make,,, 500 seritide,, makes me feel stupid, but at least i am honest,, oh well we live and learn, ,, yes music,, roll on the summer lol


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