Bom dia everyone, como via isso ?,

We'll time is certainly flying by, I find it so hard to get my head round the fact that we have been down here on the campsite 11 weeks this coming Friday. We have made so many friends and acquaintances ,it really is such a very nice place to stay long term. When the weather was sunny and warm for a couple of weeks on the trot my ability to walk further and faster was outstanding, but since Christmas we have had a lot of grey ,cloudy and rainy days, and it seems to have knocked me back a bit. When I was feeling better me and Lilian walked around to the supermarket and around the shops for nearly two and a half hours, and at one point I completely forgot to concentrate on my breathing, there I was striding out ,breathing normally and never gave it a thought. It's been a long time since I could do that!!! Weather changed and it's gone downhill a lot, but hoping it picks up again with the weather. We should start seeing a change sometime in March, but then we will be heading back to UK via Brittany and the ferry has been booked for 17th April. Boo Hoo. Still we will only be back until our eldest sons birthday mid Sept, then back down here for 8/9 months, yahooooo. Hope everyone is keeping ok. Lots of love , Chris.xx

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  • Sounds amazing.. Nice to be able to forget your breathing for a change. Lucky yoy. M x

  • How fantastic that you have been able to forget about your breathing! This trip has certainly been a success for you. Love to you and your wife. TAD xx

  • What a wonderful time you have been having, learning the language too I see.

    Don't suppose it is a wet and cold as it is here and when you get back in April the temperatures should be looking up.

    Keep on enjoying yourself, it is great to hear how you are going on.

    polly xx

  • It's a great adventure Chris. The weather makes so much difference to how we do. It's great you have been able to breathe and walk so well in the good weather conditions :)

    You are definitely better off where you are. It's been rain and more rain here. Fields looking like lakes. We are keeping fingers crossed that come March April the weather will be dry and sunny :)

    Mean time hope you are soon feeling much better.

    Best wishes BC

  • Hope your health picks up again soon Chris and that you continue to enjoy your lovely time in Portugal. Wet and windy here on the South Coast so I do envy you. Take care and stay well. xxxxxxxxx

  • Great to hear from you Chris, sorry to hear the damper weather has got to you and really hope it changes for the better very soon. Are the medics looking after you there?

    It all sounds great, I'm very envious and might just be down there myself next year! Can you hire a place there for the winter there where you can stay with your dog?

    Kind regards, Peeg

  • Staying in Portugal,

    The campsite we are staying on has some small chalets, they range in size and price. To sleep 2+2kids with small kitchen and toilet , separate bedroom and put up beds in living area. €16 per night plus a bit for electricity. Next size up has a shower included, €19+ electric! the big posh chalets have two bedrooms , bathroom/toilet with shower and put up beds, €23per night plus electric. There is a 30%reduction in the fees if you stay 30 days. Sorry as far as I know no dogs in chalets.

  • Thanks very much Chris - I hope it's warmer down there now BTW. It's all very interesting to know.

    It's something to think about. I'm leaving SW London soon and I just dont fancy another winter in UK if I can help it....... my son lives in the South of France but I cant be a pest to him. Anyway, the weather has been lousy there too for the last 2 winters. January & Feb & March of 2012 I was swimming in the Med

    Wish I still had our VW camper van of years ago.

    Thanks again & stay well. P

  • peeg sorry your leaving but happy were your bound for,let me know and I,ll send you a bon voyage card ,don't leave the forum though,xxx

  • a few months to go yet :) I dunno where to go. I'd like to go back to Cambridge where I was happy once or Cheltenham where I spent a few years or South of France near my son. Just haven't a clue yet.

    I'm gong to win the Euro Millions tonight ;D

  • peeg if you win the euro millions can I come to portugal for a holiday with you for the winter :) ;)

  • YEAH! Would The Bahamas do, or perhaps the BVI?

  • oh yes indeedy :) x

  • very sorry to disapoint, not one single number did i get :(

  • oh shucks :(, wishing you extra special luck next time Peeg :) x

  • peeg I would hop for the south of france ,but its were would you be the happiest,holiday would be ok but I,d miss England ,good luck on the euro ,xxx

  • That's great info Chris, thank you. Continue to enjoy your stay and hope you are soon feeling much better. Best Wishes BC

  • Some of us have floods, freezing cold temperatures and strong winds have been forecast. Enjoy it there whilst you can! Glad to hear all is well with you still. x

  • Lovely to hear from you Chris,just came over your post!

    So glad it's been so succesful,& learning the language to,very impressive! xx

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