Hi all. Just to let you know my Husband is better than he was. He struggles to walk very far but he hasn't had any more funny turns. The Respiratory nurse came to see him today and she said she is not convinced the turns he had were caused by the IPF. That's a bit worrying as if it wasn't that what caused them. What did? and are they going to happen again? Hopefully not. He went to the Hospice for a few hours today which made a change for him. It's the first time he has been out since he came out of Hospital. I think it probably did him good. I spent my time shopping. Well what else could a girl do? Just bought a few sweets. That will be a few pounds on. I'm waiting for the summer things to come in now. Can't wait for a bit of warm sun. X

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Hya Mav great to hear from you again ,glad hubby seems a bit better hope it continues,both of you have had it really tough lately.Keep your chin up.Love Bengunnxxx

Thanks Begunn. It's always good to have your replies. It's a very worrying time. X

Hi Mavis,so glad to hear your good news,that's wonderful.

Enjoy the sweeties,& I'll try & send a bit of sun! xxx

Thanks Wendells. Your post always cheers me up. You've got plenty of sun. That would be lovely if you could send some. Are you ok! X

Glad to hear the good news Mavis. Maybe your husband's doc can shed some light on the cause when he/she receives the report from the hospital. So glad he has improved now.

Each day we are one step closer to spring :)

Best Wishes BC

Hi Blakey. The Hospital doesn't know either. They are going on the assumption it was the furosemide. I have spring flowers in the garden. There are snowdrops, crocus and polyanthus. I also have some beautiful white Christmas roses. It's a little hope for better weather. I remember a couple of years ago. We had rain all the winter and it went on all summer. I so hope that doesn't happen this year. X

All you need now is a nice break somewhere for the both of you to recharge the batteries. Hope things get better here on in. Xx

Yes please. The Canaries or Caribbean. Such a shame my Husband can't fly. He would be so much better in the sun. I wish we could all go. It would be great. We could all dip our toes in the sea. Thanks for your post Steph57. Its so nice to know people care enough to reply. X

Hello so glad to hear things have improved. Long wait for the sun, me thinks. Rain wind here this morning. Let's have a shopping spree. Just received a Tax refund so I'm off soon to blow it. At my age decided I have already written it off so spend it on me.

What time are you coming. I'm a confirmed shopaholic. I love it. I should have been born a millionaire I would have a huge house with a massive dressing room for all my shopping. That's the dream over I could maybe buy something small. I like looking anyway. I think I'll give it a miss today. We may get washed down the street. I agree with you at my age also have what you want. We won't be here forever. Take care. X

Thanks Stitch. I'm just hoping it will continue. X

so very happy to hear your husband is feeling a lot better mave hope its a long time before he has anymore attacks wish you both the best

Thanks Teaky. It's being on here and having your posts that keep me going. You take care. X

your welcome mave your such a nice caring person

Mavarey - so glad to hear from you and so relieved your husband is a bit better. Nothing better than shopping time! I agree cant wait for a bit of warm weather this winter seems to have dragged. Take good care of yourself, lots of love TAD xx

Hi Tad we are on the right side now. Get this month out and it may start improving. I get to shop every Tuesday after I drop my Husband off. There's just not a lot I need at the moment. It takes my mind off things for the moment. X

Great that your husband is slowly improving Mavary and I am so pleased for you. You even managed to get some retail therapy which can't be bad! Take care. xxxx

Hi Sassy59. Thanks for posting. I get longer on a Tuesday than I have had for years to look at the shops. My Husband doesn't like shopping and used to give me about an hour to look around. He can't do it at all now so I make the most of my retail therapy on a Tuesday. X

Great news to hear Hubby is improving, and you have had a chance to get out to the shops, Sweets sound good to me, I brought myself a bag of coconut mushrooms yesterday when we were out, I am like a kid around the pick and mix counter. X

Hi Junespoon. Coconut mushrooms bring back memories. I wasn't too keen on them when I was young. I like them much better now. I prefer boiled sweets like Aniseed balls sherbet lemons or even boiled mints. X

Hi Mavis, So glad that things seem a bit better. Thank goodness for small mercies as they say. Your garden sounds lovely. What a cheerup to have spring flowers around. On TV they said that we have two more weeks of this wet stuff but haven't said what comes after that! I went shopping too and bought a lovely warm cardigan from M&S. Never been this warm all winter. Hope things keep on an even keel now. Lois

Hi Lois. I hope you've got your water wings ready. If we are going to have two more weeks of rain we will need them. Or maybe an ark. I must admit its nice not to feel freezing cold but not at the price of all this rain. We have floods all around us. We live in Somerset not far from where they have been evacuated from today. We are ok where we are but it is a bit worrying for people who are losing everything. I've got some lovely warm jumpers I bought at the beginning of the season but can't wear them as it is too warm. Are you ok. X

Hi Mavis, Managed to get to the hairdressers again today so looking good!My hairdresser says she will come to the house when I can no longer go so that is a positive note. Hope you manage to get out to dinner tomorrow. Is Mike in bed most of the time or does he manage to get up most mornings. I get up each day but it takes me ages to wash and dress so breakfast gets later and later.Hope you don't get moved out of your house down there. Let's all pray for sunshine. Lois

Hi Lois. No he's not in bed. He sits in the chair mostly. He can't walk far only to the loo and bedroom. Saying that! He is much better since he had the large doses of steroids. He is more able to do things. He does dress himself most days but I do help him sometimes. I shower him as that is too much for him. We have waited in all day for the District Nurse to come and take his blood. (The vampires are hungry again. ) she hadn't come by twenty past four so I rang to see if she was going to be late. She couldn't find a blood form so wasn't coming. She will however come tomorrow but doesn't know what time. So we didn't go out to dinner and probably won't tomorrow. I went to Sainsbury's and picked up a Chinese. It only takes twenty five minutes to do and it is very tasty. It's just ready now so I have to go. Take care. Write again soon. Mavis. X

Hi Mavis, Just on my way to bed and a few minutes on the computer (which is upstairs) Seems to settle my breathing and not far to walk to the bedroom. I only walk slowly from room to room, with oxygen, and do dress myself although it takes me ages. Can't shower as it takes my breath too much but have a lift in the bath. I never thought that life would come to this. I brought up three children, quite a bit of the time on my own, Put them through uni or college with no money but it was free then and they all turned out good. Never smoked and was never really bad!!!!!!!!!! but have ended up like this. Thank God for a good second husband who is younger than me. Life is funny isn't it? I am clinging on to it as long as I can! Glad that Mike is a bit better and hope the nurses don't keep you waiting for ever. I will say a prayer to keep the water away from your door. Regards Lois

Good to hear from you Mavis and glad hubby's improving a little.

Oh yes, roll on Spring :) I've had a sunny few days here but wind came up & skies opened last night but sun was geat while it lasted :) xxxx

Hi Peeg. We've had some lovely sunny mornings but by the afternoon it can be pouring. Hubby is still ok at the moment. The nurse is coming in to take his blood tomorrow as his potassium levels were low. If she comes early enough we may go out with my son and Granddaughter for dinner. X

Good news Mavary to hear your hubby is a little better, that's less worry for you for a while. Glad you managed some retail therapy it works wonders for the moral, fingers crossed for no more crisis in the near future. Best wishes x

Hi Katie. I wish I could guarantee we would have no more crisis but this disease doesn't let you get away with much for long. At least we have the backing of the Hospice. They are so helpful. We asked for a pillow rest for on the bed and received it today. Little things like that are so helpful. Nice to hear from you. Take care. X

Mavary, what you say is true we must make the best of the good days, and the Hospice and their staff are very helpful aren't they? as we always say it's the little things that count and show someone cares. Have a good day xx

Good news Mavis. Whatever it was let's hope it is now gone for good. :)

Hi Toci. Thanks. I certainly hope that's in the past. X

Hi mavis

I only write so I can have one of your sweets!!!

No! I am so happy that your hubby feels better. the body does strange things when one stays in hospital. Let's cross our fingers, since he is out that things will progress for the better.

Hi Helingmic. Shame they have all gone now. At least the chocolate toffee barrels are. I do still have some mints though. You are quite welcome to share them. Thanks for posting. I'm hoping that's the last we see of the Hospital. I hate the journey every day. X

Take care of hubby AND of yourself

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