Newbies ! Hi and welcome.


Hello and welcome to the forum,







I hope I haven't missed anyone ! :) Feel free to ask any questions and between us we hope we can answer them.

We do treat our illnesses very seriously but find a bit of humour thrown in goes some way in taking our mind off things. We also chat about everyday things. On the right of the screen is a list of the categories.


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  • Thanks. :)

  • So pleased you are back again! stay well Puff :) xxx

  • Thanks. I wont let the damn thing beat me !

  • Lovely surprise, Puff. How are you ad wife getting on? Good that you welcome newbies. King had that nice habit, too.

  • We were all newbies once and I remember how I felt when I first joined ! :)

    I'm not doing to bad but my OH is still not able to do a lot. Now the cared for is looking after the carer ! :)

  • Welcome back Puff, we have missed you. May I take the liberty and join in with your welcome to all Newbies ? Keep well Puff and Mrs Puff too.

  • Feel free. it saves a lot of individual posts to say the same thing. and I think it's more welcoming if we all join in.

    Thank goodness my own immunity system was strong enough to cope.

  • Thats a nice post in welcoming the newbies, thoughtful. x

  • ooo thanks Puff, can I add my welcome to New Members too :) :) :)

  • Be my guest ! :)

    I usually reply individually but there seems to be an influx . :)

  • good to have you back puff

  • Hi Puff, so nice to have you back and hope you stay well and other half too of course. Welcome to everyone who joined recently and will join today no doubt. We have such a lovely lot of people on here now and I send love to everyone past and present. Stay well all and look forward to better health and better weather. xxxxxx

  • Yes, Hi, nice to have you back, take care.x

  • Thank you all for your kind replies. I'm still a bit breathless but coping ok.

  • Hi Puff, sorry if I didnt say thank you for the welcome, its its not only my lungs that are getting past it, lol.

  • hi puff nice to meet u

  • Hi login and flydog. We're one big generally happy family here so put your feet up and make yourself comfortable ! :)

  • Puff. good to see you back! Walt a good idea to welcome all those who come here to read, but haven't been bold enough to put a word or two. I hope you find our information alright.

  • You can't keep a good man down ! :)

    Stupid disease thinks it can beat me.Think again COPD !

  • I just soo love your attitude. Puff.

  • Stay positive. You'll be surprised how much it helps.

  • Hi Puff, good to see you back. You have been missed you know. Glad you are on the mend. Cheryl

  • Thank Cheryl. x

  • Not too bad. AB's are starting to kick in so better than yesterday. I'm on an early release scheme from the hospital so a respiratory nurse will either phone in or call round each day. They reckon I should be ok by Friday. I'm still a bit chesty and get SOB sooner than I normally would but no other symptoms.

  • Hi. I joined your site last week. And not really sure what i,m doing yet. !! So bare with me till i get into the swing of things !

  • Check out green band that runs across the top of the page sue, click on the word help and look under Browse by topic, lots of links to help you find your way around. look under sub title Connect on left and other sub titles under the Browse by topic in Help.

    Welcome and enjoy :)

  • Welcome newbies. :)

    Hope you improving day by day Puff and Mrs Puff too :)

  • Welcome back Puff! I sound like an echo from the replies above but what the heck. Best way of saying glad to have you on board again. Stay well. Sara x.

  • Thank you butter-fly and BC x x

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