Met Office weather warnings - UK

Met Office weather warnings - UK

We are in for some more stormy weather:

if you tube link above is not working copy paste into your browser.

If you prefer to read rather than view video, go here:

Keep safe all, (to date I have not yet developed webbed feet) :D

Its could be worse, I hear there is a very bad snow storm forecast for parts of USA, expected this weekend.

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  • Ugh! roll on Springtime BlakeyC! :D XXX

  • I agree, with dryer, sunnier weather :)

  • Love the frog. Hate the weather forecast. Been dry here since Saturday and my breathing has been greatly improved. Oh well baton down the hatches.

  • Its already gusting strongly here. Time for food in case lose power. x

  • Agh, my son bought me some nice sunglasses, think I`ll trade them in for a boat.

    Yep he is an optimist!


  • or flippers :)

  • HaHa, oh Flippers is what I said to him!!.

  • I knew it was too good to last.

    I've had to wear sunnies for the last few days and got a touch of colour on my cheeks. It was nice while it lasted ;D

    We are fairly lucky here compared to the South West

  • suns out here at this very moment, I daren't put the shades on, its bound to chuck it down ;) Glad you had some warm sultry days recently peeg ;)

  • Brr just been out to the bins. Wind is getting up and rain is heavy. Oh what I would give for a crisp clear sunny day.

  • I'm down on my knees praying :) x

  • Wow we have a sunny spell right at this moment :) - its been strong wind gusts and heavy rain earlier this morning.

    Keep warm and dry all.

  • Strong winds and heavy rain all day here. Never mind just thankful no flooding.Thinking of the people in the South West and Wales especially with the weather forecast I heard tonight.

  • Update, amber and yellow warnings UK south:

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