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Lung Diease is not all about Smoking we have Fracking and Radon and Fly Ash

See great piece in todays paper .. a think puts a bit of equalty and un bias reporting into hole smoking and environment.

Is great piece .. Lets talk about fly ash used in fracking and how its being done in low IQ area's.

And what did W.H.O say about fracking and fly ash nothing even M.O.D are full of shit ..

Let them av it on there toxic property as the so cash strapped.

But yer might be skint but M.O.D are not that daft tho.

When Marie Currie descorverd Radon and its Cancer link she could not of imagined UK m.o.d would sprinkle it all over the country

But why blame M.O.D when thay can blame smokers for lung diease when Radon causes Emphysema and Cancer

But as we seen on news today those thay asked about Fracking thay did not have a clue and was quite ignorant of risk.

Cancer or Emphysema caused by fly ash fracking induced radon and is nothing to be ignorant about ... why would you whant to create more health issue related to its toxic processes when we still have M.O.D still holding out on the 15 sites in UK that are still highly radeoactive and public health risk

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I had already come to this conclusion about smoking Daz. And I've had my fair share of exposure to toxins including those in cigarettes.

IMO fracking may be at a greater cost to the land and people than the money that's hoped to be made from it.

I wonder if any bright spark has included that line of thought when the decision was made about fracking, me thinks they just saw dollars and disregarded everything else.

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Set aside air pollution talk about obesity alcohol and smoking so as they can blame patients for their illness saving money because health service is not for anyone that makes themselves ill.

Always have the same spin put on this by the news chronic conditions are a lifestyle choice from lazy who dont want work only handouts these lies should be stopped by educating the public with the truth.


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i put a put a post up before on pollution of tree huggers,diesel has claimed many lives with lung cancer.smog filthy air pollution and it all adds up and our health suffers,i never thought its all down to smoking as people who never smoked got and still get lung disease ,,there cover up and white wash is as thick as any polluted smog,,as blakey bc says its all down to money,yes blood money,,and who pays with there lives ?,the ordinary man,woman or youth ,,,keep posting ,,have a look on tree huggers ,,,xxx


Hey Daz, good to hear from you not seen many of your posts recently.

It`s a fracking greedy government of the old school tie type who are chasing the money and to say that they are sighting it in areas of low IQ ( although I`m not sure of that ) just shows how much contempt they have for ordinary folks.

Saw A bit about IDS cutting free bus travel winter fuel allowance and other benefits for retired folks, disabled etc.

retired people have worked a lifetime contributing towards their state pension only to be treated in this way, what way?, in a way to keep the population under control??.

Grandad was right " the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.

Hope your well Daz.


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You say you are not sure about 'they' sighting it in areas of low IQ. Who said it? Where did you read such a statement?


Hi BlackyC.

this was meant as a response to twiceshy3, who posted "sighting in areas of the lowest IQ.

As you will see I did say "although I`m not sure of that".

But if true then the rest of my post also is true.

However, I do believe that this government and the companies involved in Fracking don't really care what people say or if we object in the rights of wrongs of Fracking.

There seems to be a lot of benefit smoothing taking place jobs, money etc.

personally I don't know if Fracking poses any more of a risk than every day breathing in of fumes from traffic and the effects of modern day society but, I don't live in any of the proposed locations.

like many on this site, I have been appalled at the ATOS testing, a government appointed body to SAVE money, and the other day IDS statement regarding further proposed cuts to benefits for the elderly, disabled and chronically ill.

It just does not sit well with me that the most venerable people are being targeted this way.

I am not meaning to stand on a soap box and spout, merely state how I feel about the situation.


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Sorry Tom I just see you as making the first reference to 'sighting in areas of lowest IQ'

I can't take that on board at all, its an appalling thing to say and if someone from the government did say this they should be dismissed for doing so. If there is any concrete evidence that a person said this, I would like to know as I would be one person who would not let this slide.


Double sorry BlackyC, from me!.

I read my own post and realised I did not make it very clear as to what I was responding to.

I agree with every word you have written BUT I can not change my opinion about the benefits thing!

I find it hard especially after reading a post here a few weeks ago about a young girls experience with ATOS, how it affected her poor father and the tragic outcome.

I am the sort of person who gets genuinely upset when injustice is imposed on people who already are at a low ebb and as so always go on the defensive.


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I am of the same view regarding the benefits situation, in fact I am of that view with anything along those lines, Atos or another, government or any other, even down to individual bullying situations as you probably already know :) ;)

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Exactly the point.

To say sighting in low IQ areas is offensive to the population of those areas and as many of the populist have demonstrated their opposition against Fracking, should be a pointer that those people are not living in ignorance and that they do object to manipulation.

However as I said this government have contempt and openly display that contempt and intolerance of what they call benefit frauds.

Ian Duncan Smith, today has demonstrated, yet again, that this government will tar all who are on benefits with the same brush, whether genuine or not makes no difference, as demonstrated by the ATOS test for disablement benefit, and now as I said the elderly are about to be targeted by the same kind of ruthless treatment.

Where does this stop...hopefully the ballot box.



Who said that about the low IQ Tom? Is it a rumour or do we have it in print? If the latter there is lots the people can do about it!


That's what I was wondering they are fracking not far away from me and I can tell you now people around that area haven't got low I. Q's. Where has this statement come from?


I've got loads to say about what effects peoples lungs but not up to it right now all I 'm going to say is look closer to home as well all the chemical based stuff we use on a daily bases. It makes me so MAD.


There are many things, best stop using the chemicals around the home, there are a few posts about green cleaning, search box top right, may reveal something for you.

Hi Blakey C I managed to get some Breathease cleaner....they had run out previously . Thanks

Sorry Just got this post.

No as I said I was only responding to twiceshy3.

No one would openly come out and publicly say these words but yes if someone was to, there would be an outcry, and rightly so.


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It certainly does not apply to our government or IDS.

It is shameful the way that people in clear and real need are being treated.


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My Dad was at a Nuke test after the war and he had leukaemia diagnosed when he was 50?

Has anyone found out who or where the statement came from of areas of low I.Q. I've already posted I'd I know people living within 2 of the sites they are trying fracking I also know people who are out there demonstrating about it and none of these have anywhere near a low I. Q.

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I was replying to tomc who first mentioned I,q,xxx

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Actually dazisnotsogood first mentions it in the opening post . . .

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yes I know , and I left my reply to that,then tomc was talking and I replied to tomc,but as a new member its coming on me,dont think I,ll reply anymore ,cant seem to do write for doing wrong ,I must be in low I,q, area not,,xxx

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Twiceshy, I was not having a pop at you, I only was responding on the subject as low IQ areas had been brought up in posts.

Sorry if you feel I was having a go at you, that was not my intention.


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tomc no I didn't think that, I,ve put it out of my head now ,xxx

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A think these fracking compays are not extracting natrul gas .. as there is none only gas is from fly ash the getting rid of by puping toxins in ground waiting for chemical reaction thus colecting vented gas ..

we are being played for fools surpose thats where thay get this low I.Q areas from a know that lady conservative Mp KATiE something likes saying it but saying is comman knowledge in Usa

Sorry have not replyed to each and everyone but not been that great .. but all coments tom, bc, steph57, stitch, offcut, twiceshy3, stilltruckin, knitter.

Have all been great responses :)

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Radon gas is naturally occuring through rock, its toxic generally, I know its levels are high in areas of Lincolnshire I have no idea if some how it can be processed to be safe and usable in renewable fuel / energy, if so you would think that is where they should be fracking, but of course even if it could be made safe, the fracking to access it is bound to have detrimental affect on life, health, wildlife and the environment I would assume. I think the minds that know could give accurate answers about this. Where Radon Gas is a problem in certain areas usually the council environmental health officers are aware of this and measure the toxicity regularly. I know I wouldn't want to live in a high Radon level area.

Not read the content but for those interested pdf document on Off shore shale gas, oil and fracking:

Maybe there is something included about Radon in the pdf document.

Another link: UK Radon

Health Protection Agency on Radon levels pdf:

Just keep breathing it helps get oxygen to the brain ;)

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The idea that areas of low IQ are being targeted for fracking is probably a distorted version of reports such as this...


[Quote] Both the preliminary drilling process and the process of hydraulic fracturing have serious effects on air quality that every US resident should be incredibly wary of, as fracking is allowed to continue in close proximity to people’s homes and on public lands. During the drilling phase, before the actual fracking even begins, non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHCs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are released into the air. . . .

. . . NMHCs and PAHs can wreak havoc, including causing delayed development and lower IQ scores in prenatally exposed children at far lower concentrations than what are found around fracking sites. . . .[/quote]

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Thanks for this post stilltruckin.

It clarifies what is the probable misunderstanding of daz`s post, whew! glad that's cleared up.

Hope you are well.


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