Night sitters (COPD & bronchiectasis)

My dad has been in hospital since the end of November and comes home tomorrow (4 IV antibiotics later). We will need to stay with him during the night and just wondering what help there is available for night sitters. District nurse has turned us down for Marie Curie nurses. Has anyone any other suggestions for help......thank you

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  • Hello Lotsofquestions, I'm so sorry that your Dad has been so poorly! I can't think of what you could do for the best, perhaps get in touch with local nursing homes and see if they can advise you.Hope you get some help, huff x

  • Get in touch with your local adult social services and see what they can suggest.


  • We were in the same boat. It was going to cost £100 per night for someone to stay over which I felt was totally ridiculous. we ended up selling our house and moving in and four years later my son and I are still here. A lot more grey hairs and a nervous disposition because dad shouts and is bad tempered but hey. Hope you get sorted, it is certainly not an easy route

  • We can cover most of the nights but not all. We want to keep him out of a home but its now getting to sage where he needs and wants 24 hr care. Dad gets frustrated too and can shout!!! So hard to know where to turn at times

  • och thats a rotten situation to be in, apart from the local services , who really should be able to help.

    what about the red cross, they have helped me, the hospital can actually refer them, they may be able to, at least point you in the right direction,or give you a list of carers, its just a thought. i sincerely hope you can get something sorted out jw.

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