Feeling positive

Feeling positive

Im going to see new chest consultant tomorrow . Ive made a list of things i want to ask and written a brief history of when things started and went wrong. My lovely friend has been today and im shattered from just chatting !!! But was fab to see another human being !!!!!

Thanks for advice ill let you know how i get on xxx Judith x ps missing my lovely girl xxx

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It's alway best to write things down when going to see your consultant. Good luck.

Thank you Steph xxxx fingers crossed i get some answers this time x

Good Luck with your appointment tigershay1, I'm pleased you had a nice day with your friend, stay positive! huff xxx

Thank you Huff xxx was fab but my chests aching from all tge chatting xxx worth it though x

Good luck


What a wonderful horse. Miss Ellie? I like horses but at a distance for me. It sounds as if you live on your own. Good that you can come and chat to us. Tell us how you get on - love pergola xx

Thank you Pergola i will do xxx

Not on own i have a hubby ....we have 6 grown up children between us ...5 grand children one girl rest boys and two on way this year .....i love my girl shes a sweetie shes 7 been with me since a 3 yr old straight from racing as was too slow. Shes destined to be a model as she loves to pose heehee lovely girl xx

Hi there Judith talking does make you tired but as you said when with friends is all good nice to have company.Glad you've managed to write everything down sounds like you've done a good job.MissEllie is an absolute stunner would make a fine model bless her.Hope all goes well on your appointment .Keep in touch eh. :) Janexx

Thank you Jane xxx i will do xxx

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