Not for those that have trouble with realty H7N9

Yep this spring we are set for another good one

A just hope my FLU jab protects me from this new strain of birdflue that was seen in uk last spring appartly the strain H7N9 strain induces Sepsis Shock and Kills and it dont help reassure people when you here what F.E.M.A are up to with there new cremation facilites.


Watch VIDEO about H7N9 .. see its mutated from bird to human but the UK as not quite grasped that and we are only one in EU not checking our ports so apparently thay say say will hit our shores any time soon.

Spring given chiniese new year travel AND why well its had chance to jump from bitd to human and spring last time we had bird stuff in uk just after chiniese new year last year

My advice is vitamin B5 B12 and vitamin C but always talk to your doctor or gp about using vitamins

The other problem i have is with UK and its secrets Bird Flu is bad enough with out giveing adolescent girls morning after pills that can kill

Uk is a disgrace trying to cover up 9 morning after pill deaths after taking mifepristone and misoprostol - Clostridium Sordell Sepsis shock and death.

Whats is UK doing or telling adolescent girls about risks nothing ... looks like the hiding informatiom

Is anyone on Rituximab.

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  • Thanks for the info Daz. We don't know half of what goes on and I will speak with Pete about it. Hope you are doing ok. Take care. xxxxx

  • Hi sassy59 yer if its not government trying to kill us with atrision .. its daft funky flu

    Was reading most GPs are not perscribing good stuff to clear infections or sepsis as its expensive SHOCKING really surpose thats how pandemics start

    If any of us do end up in hospital make sure your well hydrated and receiving iv antibiotic

  • hey dazisnotsogood, i am just getting over, i think it was h1n1 bird flu.....but not sure...our docs here in USA i think are afraid of calling it bird flu. our country borders Mexico and they are third world country...sooooooooo when they come across the border they bring in all kinds of new stuffffff. strange you should mention FEMA....fema in the US is doing some stuff, secretively on our eastern coast....i think they are preparing for lots of people dying......insiders have leaked that our so called president will before the end of his term create/allow a crisis to occur so that he can institute marshall law.....maybe that explains why fema is busy. anywho, i try not to concern myself with US News in any form, soooooooooooooooo much propaganda......i seek truth in may not always make me feel good.....but i can make better decisions for myself and family. have a beautiful day lovetheuks

  • Hi yes been talking to a few over pond and yep your spot on with what i have been told.

    Its a good job you have right to bear arms over there .. Is defo after taking that right away so they can do what they like

    We would just have to resort to pre war methods when it comes to athourties trying to be smart

    Like you i to felt sick to the core but as hard as can be always best knowing where you stand on scale of things

  • I,m in reality keep posting,i read it and I had a ectopic ,the pain is bad but the bleed was brown for 2 month,was took in from work,after collapsing ,kept on painkillers for days then they decided to take me to theatre to open me up,came back had a cut stitched up and the burning was horrible like being sliced with a red hot poker,,was explained that the tube would have burst at any time,and your gone,since then I had two kids have there lifes now .I had to get up the next day and walk around slowly so the mucus doesn't go on the chest and lungs,i did it but was painful but makes you wonder with sepsis there not telling us things ,you and other members I admire with your illnesses and still post ,thank you, ps, what is a thread ?xxx

  • Hi Twiceshy3 cheers thanks for sharing your story with us

    A girlfriend of mine had ectopic pregnancy defo the pits.

    As to what a thread is depends what your referring to .. if its a story you was reading it mean there is more part of a discussion.

  • Hi twiceshy3 yer things did not turn out good .. but was not down to ectopic pregnancy

  • Daz, you have given us some depressing information. But what can we do about it apart from getting depressed? It bothers me that a lot of vulnerable people are getting info. when they cant do anything about it. And being on the optimistic side, it might not happen. If nothing can be done to avoid these bugs ----ignorance is bliss. I am afraid I live for the day!! love pergola xx

  • hey do i, live for the day and make it as best as i can. however, i need to know what's coming as best i i can make better decisions for my family.....i live and care for my disabled son, 36 and his future matters a great deal to me....i am a crazy optimist, but a realist too, i laugh about everything, esp. our government here...USA.... we get bold face lies told to us's hilarious......but i get where your coming from. don't worry, those of us with chronic illness, can't be sold on much of anything, anymore, right. have a beautiful day. lovetheuks

  • Agreed socalgal

  • My American sister in Md, moans about the health system in the US. I prefer our system by far.

  • her moaning is far i still have my private health care i pay every month....but i'm sure obumma is going to screw this up and i will be paying more than 1500 dollars a month for horrible health careless. lovetheuks

  • Give me Obama any day. The world had a lucky escape from the republicans imo

  • oh blakeyc....i'm not political....whatever party or name it's called by, it's their words, their actions that I judge....lies by our media (US)and spoken by those people we elect runs rampant....Republicans, and Independents (of which I am), hold fast to the notion that freedom is not freedom if government controls everything and tells you how to spend your income, which you earned because you made right choices and worked hard....but they also believe that the disadvantaged be given opportunities to pull themselves up, and I am one. Citizens and non-citizens get benefits from US tax dollars, and of course our disabled get all they need from crib to death. But now we are trillions in debt.....and no jobs. What to do? My concern is, of course, my health care insurance will triple, and, that's where the rubber meets the road for millions who pay for their own. I hope you receive this in the spirit that I am writing it, cause I mean no harm.....I hope you have a restful night, blakeyc...sorry for the lengthy response. lovetheuks

  • I agree the same goes here, thing is the majority elect these persons/parties into power and therein is the revelation. Often we opt to pick the best out of the bad bunch and even occasional don't vote at all, or vote strategically. Still think USA and the world is better off with Obama in power though. Sleep good and dream happy. ;)

  • Hi pergola1 yes there is stuff we can all do but first we need information as with out it you cant do nothing or question more

  • So, Daz, what are you doing about these bugs! Ignorance is bliss, unless you have a solution xx

  • I would be trying to avoid those who are ignorant about the bugs as they may already be infected and happily being host for the manufacture of bug babies.

  • Have you heard of too much information everything is bad for us,too much doom and gloom is depressing for us

  • Unlike camerons work is freedom nonsense that am sure as been used by some not very nice people b4

    Now if he would of " not " of been such a clown he would of said information sets you free BUT that go's against grain

  • I,d rather be depressed and recover than dead,xxx

  • Touché twiceshy .

  • Thanks, Daz, much more food for thought. Whatever I started out with and wherever I end up, I never want to die of ignorance (my own or a doctor's) so, as they say, 'every little [bit of information] helps' Knowledge is power!

  • Knowledge is the key factor and we must research all aves,whether or not we like what we find ,we will at least have the knowledge ,xxx

  • I think that wearing tinfoil helmets may be part of the answer.

  • Or highly sterile mobile space to walk in when out and about, custom made to fit, like a transparent bubble space just large enough for the human body. Reproduction may be a problem though ;) but at least the bugs wouldn't be able to multiply :D

  • I think US and UK governments have a lot in common - words and more empty words. I hear my American sister (MD) muttering. I appreciate that you need to know whats going on x

  • Short of banning overseas travel, New entries, or go and not return policy...., or setting up a quarantine island other than uk, not a lot we can do to stop the illness spreading around the world. We can only take the precautions we already do and hope parents will educate the kids better about washing hands and not take sick children out shopping with them, that also applies to some sick adults who share their illness out and about. May be something will be done when half population is ill.. maybe pigs will fly one day.

  • Wow it sounds like what I had in 2008 I was bleeding in my lungs so bad I had to have 6 units of blood one day, empyema, urinary tract infection, drug therapy in general less sensitive. My consultant said to me after I was out that they are still trying to find what kills it. He said it seemed to be affected and then it grew back. Radio 4 did a program on Zombie Germs which explains multi infections worth a listen on iplayer.

    I hope I do not get this one I do not have enough lung left to lose.

    Be Well

  • Would be good to chat to someone regarding Rituximab, I have been on it and now my hair is falling out, I don't want to blame this as it has helped me a great deal, any views?

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