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Time to do your swamps mother !!! Bailey get out of mums way !!!

Time to do your swamps mother !!! Bailey get out of mums way !!!

So I have made a start as you know my pr course was cut short due to my high Bp,so only took part for 20mins and off to A&E I went.All was fine just keeping an eye on me so thought start a little at a time.Now icant remember all of the exercises so Im hoping one of you kind bunch can inform me off the ones im missing.Also can only do 45secs on each one,I know not good very unfit iam but i think this will also help with Bp Im hoping?how long on each exercise do you have to do at PR something else I dont know?

S - Sit to stand :) a little :( a little :o 23

W - Wall Press :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 27

A - Arms up and down :) :) :) :) :p 44

M Marching on the spot :) alittle :) alittle :o 77

P - Pass the bottle :) :) :) :) :) :) :D 24

S -Step :( :( :( :( :( :( on stretcher now :) 20

Mothers swamps exercises ,what else is there peeps ?

CAN YOU FEEL IT MOTHER LOL. Only a mother could love him bless :D

Dont forget a smile a day helps you work rest and play!

And yer swamps

Byeeee for now :) Janexx

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Have a look at

No pain no gain


Oh my Stone thats another 6 exercises to add to routine phew wee, mind you I see they recommend twice weekly ive been doing the others daily.Im not complaining mind.Thank-you for the link stone.Keepwell :) Janexx


Bless ya. They vary from PR group to PR group; judging by some of the exercises reported by various members, the only two that seem to be standard are the walking one and the sit to stand one! The time varies too! Some help I am eh? Rule of thumb is do as many as you can and then stop, rest and move on to the next. The idea is that over the 12 sessions you improve your fitness through exercise and understanding more fully your condition. Keep at it, all will be worth it honest! :) xxx


Hahaha useless you are scrobbity lol.Yes Im doing it and having gone to stones link have discovered there are another SIX to add to my swamps ones but only twice weekly.Iwas going hammer and tongs daily for those 5 1/2 mins oh whoopy doo Jane :D I will get there by hook or by crook.Know wonder I ache ihurt in places I never knew existed !! Its all good fun. :) Janexx


After a recent bout of pneumonia, my energy levels, never mind my stamina, are at an all time low, so well done you on your efforts. And it is so nice to see Bailey giving you so much encouragement LOL :) x


We meet again so soon it seems like just a moment ago lol.initial you must take it slow everyone says it can take a little while with that pneumonia.Im a very lucky person ( am now laying on wooden table) as i have been fortunate for it never to grab me, Im lively me ,well as a tortoise. Yes i was so looking forward to PR and they seemed a lovely crowd of people.Im back on the list for the next one.But dont know how far away that might be now so need to start before i turn into a sitting statue.Your not wrong Bailey nipping at my ankles cos he wants to join in makes me lift my knees higher than they might like to,bless his little needle sharp peggies :D . Speak soon eh please take care of those lungs of yours. :) Janexx


What are you like.XX


Hello junespoon how nice to see you where you been hiding? Do hope your keeping well.Im really well going along splendidly .and now star jumping around the place lol I do in my dreams Im very athletic! I told my son there were more exercises to add but only need to do twice weekly now." nah mum we will cut you down to 30secs per whatsname im going to get you super super fit!" His hearts in the right place and we will try but I fear I could be in traction by wednesday going on how my non existence muscles feel :p .Its a positive start ,Im happy.Stay well now :) Janexx


Hi dare I say I am well, must not speak to soon, Can just imagine your exercise, and ending in traction, you sound like me, just before I get up in the morning I plan to do this then the other, but run out of puff by the time the other comes,Take care,xx


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