Where is best place to holiday in UK and Spain?

I am on oxygen 24/7, liquid oxygen for outings etc., i have found suppliers/hotels vary on leaving and accepting liquid oxygen. My needs are high 3 at rest 6 on moving, the liquid 02 last much longer, and is much lighter to carry do any of you have problems in this area.Spain is mainly on transfering from home to plane/plane to hotel thanks

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  • Hi,you mentioned Spain ,how are you managing getting insurance cover,or are you relying on your EHIC,I am being quoted £350 for 2weeks,or most insurers turn me down flat,I have IPF and emphysema ,and only use oxygen ambulatory,I found I was much better in the summer down by the sea in the West Country.Sooki

  • Hi, Sooki, my questions were just general ones, my last visit to Spain was 15 months ago, I wasn't even on 02 then,things have changed for me and would not like, but expect that sort of price. The last one I did was £147 for 1 week which I paid good luck

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