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Where is best place to holiday in UK and Spain?

I am on oxygen 24/7, liquid oxygen for outings etc., i have found suppliers/hotels vary on leaving and accepting liquid oxygen. My needs are high 3 at rest 6 on moving, the liquid 02 last much longer, and is much lighter to carry do any of you have problems in this area.Spain is mainly on transfering from home to plane/plane to hotel thanks

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Hi,you mentioned Spain ,how are you managing getting insurance cover,or are you relying on your EHIC,I am being quoted £350 for 2weeks,or most insurers turn me down flat,I have IPF and emphysema ,and only use oxygen ambulatory,I found I was much better in the summer down by the sea in the West Country.Sooki


Hi, Sooki, my questions were just general ones, my last visit to Spain was 15 months ago, I wasn't even on 02 then,things have changed for me and would not like, but expect that sort of price. The last one I did was £147 for 1 week which I paid good luck


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