My beautiful mum ♥♡

Well my came home wednesday, matron came in to check her thursday oxygen levels fine 94 on oxygen. But she had a bad night last night complaining of pains in her shoulder/neck i thought it could be from the fall she had in hospitsl she never complains but was crying for help, again i felt so hopeless not being able to help.Anyway ended up in hospital and they have kept her in again.. Will know more tomorrow, coming on here helps me get through it all. Hope everyone is having a good saturday night! X

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  • bmb64,

    Glad to know that You can come here and get Help /advice and info

    Query after your Mums fall did she get an xray???

  • No they said a doctor checked her over but didnt need xray as had good movement. Feel awful now as i should have insisted.

  • Hope they check properly this time. Thinking of you and your mum. :) x

  • Thanks x

  • bmb: Possible that the doctor was right. A fall can cause bruising which can be painful in itself. So dont feel awful. I feel for you. It is a long time ago when my mother was so ill. It was the hardest time of my life as she was on the female ward of the cottage hospital where I worked. That was difficult and yet a privilege to be her nurse. Important that you drop in and talk to us. Love Pergola = I will be thinking about you xx

  • Thanks Pergola xx

  • You Never said how old your Mum is ??

    Don't ever think feel awful about NOT asking for Xray . Isn't Your Job but the Doctor that saw Her checked Her over and said "She had Good Movement ". Then the Possibility of a broken bone ruled out ,So No need for an xray , As pergola 1 has replied Bruising can Cause Great Pain , the fact that your Mum is ill take heart that's why this site was set up for , Come on get advice But Most of ALL get SUPPORT, Not only from members but the Team behind that login and HELP


  • My mum is 77. I have found this site so helpful and comforting, many thanks David x

  • Hi b

    So sorry your Mum has been struggling. Know what it's like - a roller coaster - but as Pergola says a privilege. Hopefully they will get her sorted soon and she will be back home with you and on an even keel.

    With love


  • Thanks cofdrop hopefully when i visit tomorow i will be told whats going on as when i called tonight to see if the doc had seen her xrays i was told they couldnt discuss it with me over the phone .so worrying i just wanted to hear what they had diagnosed but just got told she was comfortable. Roll on tomorrow :-( xx

  • Hi Bmb64. Perhaps they sent your Mum home a bit early. They don't like keeping people too long who's health is compromised. My Husband went in a little while back and came out with a cold. He then gave it to me. I hope they sort her this time. You take care. I hope she is back with you soon. X

  • Hello bmb64 so sorry your mum is back in hospital again poor mum and you .You couldnt be doing anymore than you are already dont question yourself your doing bloody great believe.Try and get yourself a goodnights rest for whatever comes tomorrow,nothing more you can do tonight.This site is fantastic isnt it what a great bunch there is,probably between us most ailments are covered aswell as our range of dodgy lungs.Keep in touch and let us know how mum is and you. :) Janexx

  • So sorry your mums feeling so bad hope she's feeling better soon. Glad coming on here helps.

    God bless. Xxxx

  • I had a similar problem when I was discharged from hospital for the first time after an exacerbation, they took me back in and when I was discharged for the second time I was put on a tapered dose of Medrol. No problems afterwards. x

  • I hope your mum is a bit better today - you are a great daughter! Lots of love TAD xx

  • Best wishes to you and your mum xx

  • Your poor mum, it just seems like one thing after another. I do hope she is on the mend very soon and glad you can come on here for support bmb64. Thinking of you and your mum and wishing you both well. Take care. xxxxx

  • Hope you Mum is a little better today and you get the chance to discuss the results xx

  • Thanks evey one for all your support and lovely commemts. Just called the hospital but got to call back after 11.30 when the doctor has done his rounds. Will keep you updated. Sun shining here so off to take my dog out.xx

  • Sorry to hear your Mum is unwell again, must be so hard for you, I hope she recovers from her fall soon, take care.

    Jude xx

  • Thinking about you both, keep strong.X

  • Hi just got back from seeing mum, so pleased to see her sitting up she has been moved to another ward, she is now been treated for kidney infection and pulled ligaments in her shoulder, got to wait till tomorrow to speak to the doctor as she has been taken off colomycin but staff nurse didn't know why as her drug chart haven't been sent up yet. But i do feel more at ease now having seen her. Well back home now cooking late sunday roast check daughters homework then cuddles on the couch to watch call rhe midwife. Hope you've all had a pleasant day, been suuny here in Liverpol:-) xx

  • Hi bmp64 your mind at ease a little now great news,enjoy a well earned chilled evening when all chores are finished eh :o have a peaceful sleep later,yes me to late dinner roast lamb tonight it is smelling gorgeous I must say. Keep in touch. :) Janexx

  • Great News bmb64 ,

    So You beat yourself up for Nothing , Never do it again ,pulled Ligaments can Be worse, Far worse than Bruising, (but thanks to pergola1 ) You should be able to Relax and settle down for a while , So Very Glad You found Help and Support My it Continue


  • Update on my beautiful mum, well she came home monday night after kidney scan was clear. But they discharged her on paracetamol for her neck pain as the ward doctor didn't agree with the strong painkillers she was on.wednesday i had to take her for her results regarding her stomache complaint and see why she has lost so much weight. Went well even got discharged, yippeeee:-) but in the ambulance on the way home she started feeling poorly, feeling sick, chronic neck pain, shivering and anxious, the crew were brilliant helped me get her into bed and i called the gp out who has taken her of statins and angina tablets to see if she settles and put her on stronger painkillers. Mum staying with me this week so i can keep an eye on her, hopefully she wil start feeling better soon so we can both get a decent sleep. Thanks for listening:-) hope everyone having a pleasant day!! Xx

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