Uk Scandle : Its all very strange this nuke plant and radiation alarms going off all the time

It must be all this fracking as when thay started in blackpool thay went of to

Dont get me wrong am no greene but i dont want radiating with some funky shite under guys of radon i.e naturaly accouring radiation.

Anyway yep most in northwest are being exposed to radiation break out the iodine no no not the sofidine.

Looks like those blackpool barton moss hydraulic fracking company's av been using FLY ASH

Strange well have you seen tippers going to the site of hydraulic fracturing ...

Did you know thay use fly ash and is very toxic .. nor did i but

don't ya think its very coincidental how selafields alarms keep going of anyway here is experts in usa on hydraulic fracking and liability

Hope thay have good insurance carrier :)

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  • You little weirdo! ( only kidding) I live up north. Night Dazisnotsogood. X

  • Hi steph57 yer cheers not really responce was looking for .. but hay all feed back is much apreciated :)

  • I haven't really gone deeply into this Daz but I'm not too happy with what I've understood so far. Keep digging, sorry, for info.

  • Scary Daz. That's the trouble though isn't it? Profit comes first and we only hear about the truth when something goes wrong.

  • Makes you wonder what else they try to hide from us. All these things they say are harmless. I wonder?

  • daz can I call you that? you must keep all your files in boxes as I have done,then refer to them at a later date ,xxx

  • Hi yep water of a ducks back really .. Buy yep agree about filling :)

  • It appears that it was a slightly elevated reading of naturally occurring Radon and may well have been triggered by a faulty sensor.

  • Hi that may be the case .. but its still dose not take anything away from them using FLY ASH

    This is only country in EU where thay will not sell public giga counters

    But will ad its conveneant for them to say that ...

  • I don't know why you would want to purchase a Geiger Counter but there are lots of them available for purchase from Amazon.

  • It's the rich wot get the pleasure and the poor wot get the blame! Very worrying Daz. is coming to shale near us all. It makes no difference what we think. Big companies, big money. Gas thus produced will be sold onto the world markets so we will not have cheaper heating fuel. They will use whatever dangerous chemicals they want as the frackers will not be living close by. Take care Daz. Alison

  • Hi appyallison i agree and would recomend your right to your mp stating points i raised and ask about insurance carrier .. also it as to be in your own words THAY think we are pig ignorant

    And can do anything but what am talking about is very true.

    Do we want people growing up with minamun birth defects due to fracking and fly ash

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