Benefits of exercises for COPD

I want to refer you to an article on WEBMED about the vital benefits of exercises for COPD. Perha[s you feel so ill that exercises is the last thing you'd think of doing. Yet this is so important to us.

Exercise will not harm your lungs. When you experience shortness of breath during an activity, this is an indication that your body needs more oxygen. If you slow your rate of breathing and concentrate on exhaling through pursed lips, you will restore oxygen to your system more rapidly.

Here's the reference:

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  • Good advice Helingmic and thank you for the useful link for other members.

  • Thank you Katie, I found some useful ones , especially if you feel weak and full of mucus :-)

  • Thanks for listing this link, and whatever disease we have lung based or not it seems that most of the benefits in keeping well are down to exercise. The body is meant to move! To work those muscles and the heart and diaphragm are muscles can make a major difference to many aspects of our lives. So even if we start exercising from sitting, rotating the ankles working those muscles, getting the heart and diaphragm working more efficiently, then go for it, and if after a few weeks it doesn't improve things for you then tell me I am wrong. Have a great day!

  • I try to exercise every day some days I walk the dogs when I'm not good and then do nothing for the rest of the day but at least I've done some exercise which is best thing in our condition

  • onamission, well done, that's the spirit!

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