Just my luck

We'll I went into hospital 6 weeks ago and fount out I had breast cancer and hernia but I knew about the hernia for a month but my luck had breast cancer for a month but didn't under stand how my hair was not falling out but it is now in ways I wonder if I come through but chemo is killing me I feel like I have been hit by a bus my husband died of lung cancer and he is all I can think about now but I heard depression can sometimes give you cancer but I don't know what to believe

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  • First of all, Rosko, my thoughts are with you. You did well to talk to us and unload your worries. I would imagine that the hernia could be dealt with but I dont know what type. Breast cancer: the word cancer is scary, but believe me, it can be treated successfully. I fully understand the effects of chemo, really punishing. My husband, Brian, started last April. This forum was so supportive to me because as an onlooker, it was so hard to watch him. However, a change of treatment in October is really working so well. The side effects do take a while to work off but they go. Brian has a new head of hair and now he is his old self.

    I knw so many people who have suffered with breast cancer, and, hand on heart, they all are now getting on with a normal life, after treatment. Nowadays, the treatments for cancer breast are so successful. I would advise you to contact Macmillan for help and advice. Depression is a big factor that you have to deal with, Rosko. You need to see your Doctor for help with this. Also ring the BLF - click on "about us". you will find the nurse ready to listen.

    In the meantime, keep in touch with us when you feel low, dont be alone. xxxx

  • Hello Rosko16, that is not good news for you, two things to deal with at once. You will need much support, my heart goes out to you. The good news is an hernia usually can be repaired quite easily, the cancer has a success rate quite high but the treatment to cure can be draining until you can look back. Macmillan nurses can be very helpful as already suggested. There are also groups of ladies in many areas who meet to discuss their treatment and give each other support. Hope this info helps and best wishes for a good recovery, we are here for you if you need more support. x

  • all travelling a bit fast whats real me too

  • Hello Rosko, I am sorry you have to go through so much. I had breast cancer eighteen years ago, had a lumpectomy and my lymph glands removed, then radiotherapy. Six months later I had a melanoma. I am still here plodding along with very severe stage 4 emphysema, but the thing is I AM still here and still able to get out and about and enjoy my life! I always say I am 71 going on 50! I personally think stress and depression can lead to cancer in some cases, my daughter lost a baby 40 mins after he was born and I saw her through it all because the father had flown at the beginning of the pregnancy, that was a year before I was diagnosed. Keep positive and you can beat this because I think the state of mind has a lot to do with it.

    Carole x

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