After a long wait I plucked up courage to go to the dentist and opticians

I do not like dentists at all but thought once they take my benefit off me in the review that is due in March I will not be able to afford any work to be done and it has been 10 years! Well besides having to sit up as I could not breath my teeth had a good bill of health and just did a scale and polish :) So in the same week off to the optician for my free eye test 5 years since last one told my eyes have not changed ( I already knew that as they have been either side of my nose all my life ;) ) And I could get a free pair as well :) So not a bad week except I am bushed going to both of these and the hospital.

Be Well

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  • Hi Offcut you've had a busy time. At least your teeth and eyes are in good shape that's a plus.

  • Good news, offcut. I have had so much dental work done over the years, that I see the couch, and think about a nap but they will fiddle around, spoiling that idea. How do you get "smileys"?

  • Test :) :)

    Just trying to see if that works

  • YEAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just do a :) colon and a close brackets like you normally do

  • ;)

  • ;) = wink :( = sad :) = Smile :P = Tongue out :D = teeth

  • Hi Offcut do you think you will loose your benefit ?

  • I am afraid that I had to go for appeal and won and they only gave me a 12 month respite, that they will make me go though it all again! With the new rules you do not get any money while in appeal or even backdated if you win.

    I have worked for over 35 years and done 100+ hour weeks I have had lung problems from my time at Primary school and diagnosed with a heart condition in 1992. I now struggle for breath going up stairs but because I could lift my arms I was fit for work "as I could lift an empty box" this got thrown out at my appeal and DWP put a 12 month review on me. So am not confident with what I have read recently :(

  • Offcut I'm disgusted I know several people claiming DLA both mobility and care and also claim ESA they are living a far higher standard of life than my husband and I. My husband works all over the world and has a very demanding job and like you I worked for the NHS up to five nights a week and two nights a week for the local council in a nursing home making a total of around 70 hours a week plus, the people who I mention are fit for work and this makes me so angry.

  • If they are claiming fraudulently you do have the option of reporting them.

  • Like onamission, I am disgusted by these fellows who have no compassion. Still, appeal, appeal. have plenty of eye examinations at the same time!

  • What grieves me is I am getting less than the guys rise that bought this in. I only want to be able to live independently with my wife.

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