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Well it took ages to get ready to go out

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Tried putting my eye liner on with the shakes(ventolin use not alcohol) didn't achieve a straight line but it makes me look interesting. Catch you all later.

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Oh I am so pleased someone else can't go out without their eyeliner! :-)

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Steph57 in reply to MarieW-F

MarieW you got that right you shouldn't answer the phone without liner!

wobbly eye liner and lippy for me ;p x

MarieW you got that right but you shouldn't answer the phone without your liner!

Hi Huffer Puffer I'm good with the lippy with liner I could poke my eye out with the shakes.!

Ha Ha what is eyeliner!!! I'm naughty given up on makeup fed up with getting it all in the wrong places.

Suzy6 you should put your slap on when you've got the shakes put it on profile and cheer the community up. Only joshing.

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Suzy6 in reply to Steph57

Ha Ha Ha. Don't know about laughs more a horror story!!

Hi Steph57. I get the shakes after Ventolin. I thought it was just me. I also like to put on my eyeliner and mascara. I don't feel dressed without it.

Hi Mavary I don't always get the shakes it's only when I've taken quite allot of ventolin which I've had to the last few days and today cos I needed to go out. Got soaked and ended looking like a drowned rat.

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