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Hi I'm new on here and have COPD and Emphesyma I am English but I live in Morocco because the climate is better for me. I've had 4 chest infections in the past 6 weeks :-( I was told by my Dr here about a new treatment stem cell therapy, I've done some research and it seems a positive step forward albeit expensive but what price for health.Anyway has anybody had this done or any info would really be appreciated thank you Linda

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  • i have like you emphysema ,i been taking antibiotics for 5 months i live in Bawtry near doncaster south yorkshire ,since i start to go to sauna i do really feel much better, where in morocco do you live?

  • I live in Agadir normally the weather is very good but this year its rained a lot,I find it hard when I go back to UK the damp affects me big time, I wish I could go to a sauna there are a lot of hammams here but impossible for me :-)

  • hamams is sauna moroccan style, don't go in hot place in hammam ,go to normal place not to hot or too cold and go in day time , i use to live in agadir

  • Hi, a warm welcome to you. mmm, Morocco, how lovely. I lived in Libya for 6 years & loved the healthy climate so I quite see why you're there.

    Sorry I dont know about the research but looking forward to replies to your great question.

    All the best, P

  • You may find some interesting links here.

  • There is currently NO EVIDENCE supporting the use of stem cell therapy in COPD. There is hope and promise that there may be in years or decades to come however at this time there are no placebo controlled clinical trials demonstrating any effectiveness,

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