Chronic Bronchial Sepsis or Chronic Lung Sepsis know the signs

It Might Just Save Your Life

Just hope it dont look like hyperventalation as thats what my GP said to me about my Blood Pressure and cold extremities and gernraly feeling unwell

A never new blood pressure or hyperventalation could make your hands then your feet go cold tus viice versa.

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Thanks for the link.

thank you for link ,xxx

Thanks Daz. Very useful information to have.

Thanks again daz, I have posted before to say that I had all the symptoms of sepsis at the beginning of December and still feel rough after IV and three lots of antibiotics and a hospital stay

It started with flu like symptoms which quickly got worse...worse than when I had pneumonia...cold and shivery, sick, feverish, headache, and my usual short of breath.

I then went into a sort of shock...faint and clammy and my daughter rang 999. I had low blood pressure, low SATS high heart rate and high temperature.. Was treated very fast with IV antibiotics and fluids, nebuliser ,bloods tested and a bacterial infection found. I still have blood in my urine so going for scans.

It's good to know the local hospital has a sepsis team

Hi knitter cheers thanks ... Ye your kid is a credit to you :)

Sorry to hear about ya problems and still feeling rough .... but am glad the being sorted for you

Ye av been having BP problems hot sweats cold

limbs feel quite ill but some new gp said it was anxiety or panic attacks thought ye right not even going there again

He did my bp and it was at rest 95/145 and drops to 65/110 wish it would get a grip

But my gp said nothing or give me anything ... even asked me what my diagnosis was .. a said take ya pic i have all sorts wrong but my biggest worry is this sepsis one as have been unwell but dont have visible chest infection

Anyway am surviving just

Thanks Daz I never even heard of it before! my hands and feet are always cold, they said it might be Reynards Disease? Take care :) xxx

Hi hufferpuffer yes its new to me from what i can gather its if tou dont have Bronchitiasas on ct scan you have you have chronic lung sepsis that is known as Bronchitiasas anyway is all confusing but that asks the question if thay know i have that and suffer infections thay now class as chronic lung sepsis why am i not on antibiotics regularly

Anyway hope you doing well cheers al the best

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