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Asbestosis - Acute Lung Injury - SEPSIS

For a tad i wonderd why i have abdonminal pain.

Could it be infections i.e sepsis or is it muscle pain or scar tissue ?

But as i dont have chest infection given my condition must be later i.e muscle pain or scar tissue forming.

But today am talking about ASBESTOSIS induced ACUTE LUNG INJURY induced BY CHRONIC LUNG SEPSIS resulting in ARDS and ACUTE LUNG INJURY and HEART PROBLEMS.

And why not as my docs don't like to talk about asbestosis .. so i took proactive approach to my health as Asbestosis is not any less of a illness than any other asbestos related illness its just as grim. SEPSIS as in my case is caused by iron in asbestos fibers and dead lung tissue cells ect that a cant cough up.

But as any half competent doc will tell you bacteria causes SEPSIS wow might need to see my doc as is not quite grasped that.

Am not happy with this asbestosis thing and being ripped of as most docs know most asbestos suffers never see justice as most sircome to cor pulmonale given there lung disease pretty much like my not so happy about diagnosis of chronic lung sepsis ... that conveniently missed out my occupational asbestos exposer history.

Am not saying my doctors mot interested he's just got other priorities he's working to so that levees me with a grim diagnosis and no justice.

But wile searching web for answers .. i thought i would share where i am up to for my quest for a cure WELL if there is such a thing.

But as some might remember my post about vitamin C heres link some might find interesting

Its about Vitamin C asbestosis chronic lung sepsis abdominal sepsis - acute lung injury


AJPLUNG : Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol


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Hi daz, I took vit c for ages and still got a bacterial infection, too much can give some people diarrhea , you have to get a balance I think.

I have blood in my urine so have stopped taking it until all my tests are done.

Good luck and best wishes


Hi knitter yer i would always say run things past doc's.

But yer in my case i was suffering bad inflamation and what looked like fibroblast

And as i dont eat fruit of sorts thought it would slow destruction down .. a dont think it stops you getting infections but think it stops them going mad ... like you say about finding right balance BUT yep am far from perfect my self

A dont think i have infection but my breathing is defo deteriorating ... surpose you cling to stuff in vain hope hope will do some good

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Hi daz - it's brilliant that you're doing your own research - keep going and don't ever stop. I read all your posts with admiration although don't respond as I don't usually know anything helpful. (I have COPD and heart problems)

However, I do take vitamin C, which I started when I was smoking because that activity depletes vit C quite rapidly. I take one 1000mg chewable and these really work for me. The 30 or 60mg tabs are a total waste of time and money; the body needs much more than that!

The point is that you can't overdose as the body disposes of any excess (usually but not always diarrhoea!) - and it's excellent if you are constipated and don't want to take any chemicals, lol!

Seriously, though, it would be worth trying a 500mg dose so you could assess it. All I know is that it works for me and (touch wood) I have escaped the colds and bugs for months.

Good luck and keep fighting on.


Hi abjd cheers .. A do take 500 like you say just like b12 is water solubale so will pee out any excess.

Ad say its far from a cure but any help in slowing progression of illness down as to be a plus.

Cheers thanks for comment glad you find my post of intrest .. all the best


very good reading,since on vitc and other things my weight has increased to 8,6,could be my eating better ,plus the vits,had no side effects,so will keep on them,xxx

Hi twiceshy3 cheers glad you liked my post ... Its good you maintain your body weight

I started of at 13.5 now am just under 12 and seem to cope better so am guna yry stick at that myself.

A did my BMI and that was all good ... a thought yer thats what that thinks gos to show you can have good bmi but still be bushed tho

Anyway cheers all tge best :)

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Hi 5.10

Yer its shame my lungs are bushed .. at doc to moz my heart and bp is playing up feel quite ill

Hello Daz, you loose me with your diagnose, I know you said it's difficult to get compensation for asbestosis, have you heard of anyone in this country getting compensation for smoking related decease ?


Hi rick1 yes i agree with you there smoking is not a iidb case nor is coughing up peanuts .. But as i have been coughing up asbestos fibers in dead lung tissue it is a case for iidb as i did not start smoking till in my mid 20s and when you have multapyl illness at such a young age that is not gernetic or aids it must of come from my previous occupation also if it was from smoking fibers would be curly as thay stoped using asbestos tips when i was a baby


Take care Daz and keep on fighting. xxxxx

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Hi sassy59 cheers thanks :)

A valid point there one that i mention to my kids is Amy Winehouse bless her. I was taken back when that was said about her so very very young,there is probably much to learn on pollutents that we in hale daily fumes are so bad where i had to go for pr the smell is toxic as me and gertie trundled up the road,I bet we dont know the half of it. :D :p :) lol Janexx

Hi hypercat54 i would agree if pices of lung tissue i have coughed up did not have asbestos fibers sticking out of them with visable inflamation


Hi stitch he might be ok my dad worked at turners asbestos works and he is ok just .. see when i worked at my last job i had a broken nose so i breathed threw my mouth thus everything went in my lungs .. If a seen shit head who did it i would not be in a for giving mod.

Given sheer i sucked into my lungs let this be a lesson if you have broken nose problem be brave and get it sorted

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