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Repeated Chest infections

Im alpha 1 zz emphysema , dont seem to manage more than 3 wks off steriods , and then im bk on anti bs and 7 days of steriods( which I wean off of) cos of coughing up rubbish and being breathless again it seems like everything affects me weather , smells, dust, normal life things that u cant keep away from :-( can anyone suggest anything? Apart from living in a bubble lol xx

Im sure the more infections im getting the more damage being done xx

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Hi Nik37

I have sarcoidosis and pulmonary hypertension. I was getting regular chest infections so my doctor has put me on antibiotics permanently. I take 500mg azithomycin 3 times a week. Seems to have improved matters although I have only been on it for 6 weeks.


Hi Nik37, I am the same at the moment, one after the other, I had 2 lots of Doxyciclyn but now on Clarithromycin with steroids, just feel like rubbish, going for xray as well just to check it out, I too have emphycema, all I can say is role on Spring when hopefully we will all feel better, there seems to be a lot of poorly people on the site at the moment, look after yourself, hope you are better soon.

Jude x


I get infections because my white blood cells count is too low. I take some Rifampicin now that also push the white blood cells count down. Yet, if I don't take it, I get all sort of nasties, pseudomonas, pneumonia, even TB! the lung consultant said I was better on than off!!


i seem to be in the same boat as yourself nik.

i just finished steroids [amox] antibiotics last week, then on them again, only difference is the antibiotics this time are doxycylcline, i am awaiting on two sputum tests, so maybe getting the result from these can identify the infection and be treated with suitable antibiotic, sorry i cant help you more than that, [not really at my best at the mo.],,,hope things improve for you,,,jw,


Hello , firstly I do not have any advice , only that I am going through the exact same thing. So fed up with constant infections. Maybe it may make you feel slightly better to know your not on your own with this problem x


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