Going to be referred to Papworth

I saw the consultant immunologist at Addenbrookes today - she also works at Papworth. She changed my antibiotics to try and finally get rid of my chest infection. She said she would refer me to Papworth as she says she thinks I need the works again - all the investigations they can offer to see why I can't shake off infections. Should be about 3 months before I get an appointment. I have Bronchiectasis.

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I am sorry you are still ill, but glad you are getting such good treatment

Love Sohara

What a damn nuisance getting all those infections BUT on the positive side thank goodness you are getting the right treatment. Heres hoping that they can find a reason and you can be infection free. Take care, with love TAD xx

Hi alanjudy, I have been going to Papworth for at least 12 years, you couldn't ask for better treatment. Good luck. Lizzy

hi alanjudy. Infections can be hard to shift. Do you do the active cycle of breathing technique to get rid of the mucus? it should help feeling a bit freer.

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