Had My Lung Function test Today

And been given and instructed on my Sleep Apnoea Night testing kit.

Got to the clinic and a lovely nurse came out and rubbed some gel on my ear lobe and said she will come for me in a bit. After few mins my ear lobe felt a bit strange and I was called though to be javalined in the ear to get the blood they wanted. With the joy of being on Warfarin it then took a lot longer to stop the trickle. Was told she was happy with that. Once that was over she asked why have I never been for a test before as my xrays and problems I have had to date really justify my lung condition be monitored? I explained that my GP insisted it was all my heart conditions fault even though my lungs collapsed in 2008?

More instructions weighed and height taken then put into a glass box given nose clips and told how to put my mouth around the mouthpiece. All sorts of breathing puffing holding breath etc. Once I had all those tests done I was taken to another room and told to lay on the bed and do some more blowing and sucking which did make me very dizzy.

all in al I was there for 90 minutes.

Asked for the numbers to be told (It must be a Coventry thing) All I can say is you are low! however when you come back with the Sleep Apnoea monitor if you want to wait I will tell you what the results are as we deal with that side ourselves, by the way what's your collar size?

The worse part is this was a good breathing day for me for some reason!

So I now have to wait for the 27th Feb for my results

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  • Interesting, hope you get the results that you need!

  • I would of asked for her number too :))

    True surviver offcuts such a inspiration always plesure reading your post .. fill me with hope

    A would of said when asked for collar size a would av asked why you going to buy me new shirt :))

    But yep sounds like test i had myself well apart from liying down but yep nearly kill me

  • Hard work them spirometry's arn't they daz.

  • Hi dall05 yer i told nurse the machine is trying to kill me .. A was well up set i did not use my inhaller as after test i had to do them all over again

    When i had used my inhaller .. anyway I refused to do nasty bit again ...

  • Once is enough for anyone eh' daz. I'm up for a spiro in 11 days so happy day's!!!

  • Hi yep would agree .. Am at lung clinic myself feb a think guna have to phone them as always forgeting

  • Hi offcut, don't you just love it when they keep blowing, keep blowing, keep blowing, keep blowing, keep blowing, keep blowing, keep blowing, don't strain your neck, keep blowing, keep blowing. Its about at this point you wake as their slapping you round the face and you ask what happened. I love my spirometry tests, I would say that I have noticed my breathing is brilliant for the rest of that day though :)

    Like Daz say's I've never done a test while lying down, I wonder if that's something new

    Good luck with the test results Tony.

  • At they end of it all I expected to see a lilo blown up somewhere ;)

  • 'I don't believe it' what should arrive in the post this morning. A hospital letter saying they want me in on the 10th of next month for a full respiratory test.

    They don't use us to blow up lilos they have a pipe line to the local garage for blowing up car tyres for a £1.00 a time, didn't you know. :)

  • Not only do I hope you get the results, but ask more details on your condition. The more you know, the more you can start taking charge of yourself.

    If the nurse asked you why haven't you followed? Could you ask to be followed by a competent consultant and not just your GP? Take charge of yourself, it's you that is concerned!

  • My GP Practice has helped me no end with my heart condition but became blinkered to my breathing problems even after my Cardiologist put his concerns about my breathing in his letter to them! Even then they would not shift until I found out I worked with asbestos for 10 years and demanded I have some tests. I then find out I had pneumonia in 2010 and all I was told was it was a slight infection? I did throw my dummies out the pram diplomatically as I could!

  • If your GP is blinkered, let him be, but ask forcefully to be referred to a lung consultant and a pulmonary nurse team, this is your right to be treated that is at stake. Goodness me!

  • Huh..... I wish someone was interested enough to make my ear bleed! I'm now off to the consultant on Friday to demand that someone pricks my ear!

    All I got today was the glass box and the lilo filling tests..... but by gum did it shift some gloop! I too have been breathing better. Funny my consultant told me lung exercises wouldn't make any difference. I can't believe she hasn't heard of Pulmonary Rehab ?????

    I haven't had my sats tested either?

    I think I have some latent anger that may well surface on Friday.... :)

  • PingAnnieL I'm not surprised. Please press for a referral to a Lung consultant that knows about exercises and pulmonary Rehab, ask to be referred to a pulmonary nurse team, because if the consultant won't refer you, the nurse will! May the Force be with you !

  • That's the spirit PingAnniel, go get um' and take no prisoners. :)

  • Started educating my practice nurse yesterday. She said I had to practice patience as the NHS wheels grind slowly. I said I didn't have time for patience. That the local hospital was not using best practice and they were employing a nurse one day a week for a year to help update their service. Said I'd be helping!

    Husband had appointment with same practice nurse today. (diabetes) Nurse told him I need patience. Husband laughed and told her 'that isn't going to happen'.


  • Taking back the sleep apnoea kit but not sure what it will show I do not think I slept more than an hour :(

  • I hope your okay,i have just been told I have sleep apena, but its not my fault, I do not know I am snoring but the test showed I was not breathing scary stuff

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