Re the Gov't 'care data' plan to share the data from our medical records:

If you haven't already received the leaflet, "Better Information Means Better Care, " it will be dropping through your letterbox any day now. Of course it is your personal decision whichever way you choose to go. Be aware that you will be 'opted in ' automatically unless you inform your GP practice otherwise and have it recorded in your notes. Also be aware that the info given in the leaflet is heavily biased in favour of the scheme. For a more honest view you might want to read here:

My own mind is not made up yet either way. I will ask my own GP's advice when I see him this afternoon. I just thought it only right that we should all get a fair and balanced view.

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  • The GP's are undecided with more information than we will get throw a coin up and decide do as they like until the election the NHS is safe in their hands it said so on the poster before the biggest change in the NHS in a lifetime.

  • That's all well and good, but will those GPs opting out inform their patients of their decision? I for one have no objections to medics sharing my health records as I have so many different disciplines involved, it might be in my best interests to share. If my GP opts out, I don't feel I will be having my rights and opinions respected!! :-(

  • I think you may have misunderstood poemsgalore. It is the patient who decides whether they want to opt out, not the GP. If you don't let your GP know in writing that you want to opt out then you will be automatically opted in. :-)

  • 'Those GP's' are talking about opting out themselves - they wouldn't allow there own personal medical data to be shared in that way.

  • Thanks for that clarification Parvati & "sorry" to poemsgalore! Apparently it was me that misunderstood! :-p

  • Pretty much everyone believes that it would be a wonderful thing for there to be a central database with all our clinical information available for research into radical new treatments. BUT not only will the information be used for commercial purposes - e.g. available to be sold off to insurance companies - upping the privatisation already rampant in the new NHS, but our information will only be partially anonymised (acknowledged by the Dept of Health) so it will be possible to link patient data to patient I.D., thus making the possibility of I.D. theft a reality.

    This is why 40% of GPs are against it.

  • Thank you so much, Parvati. I am definitely opting out of this one as I certainly don't trust any of these "agencies".

    The final straw was reading that they will "only" give out our NI** number, birthday and postcode. That's all right then - after all, nobody could possibly identify us from that, could they? (Sometimes, only sarcasm makes the point!)


    ** Sorry - should be NHS number

  • It shouldn't have happened yet. You should have had - or will soon get - a glossy leaflet in the post. Trouble is it looks so much like junk mail I nearly threw mine in the bin witout reading it. They have got millions to get out to every household so you will get one sooner or later.

  • Yes,my podiatrist,asked me the same question when I last visited,I said yes ok at the time,next time I see her I will have her change that to "No,I want to opt out" where my feet are concerned also.

    We have already opted out of the main one we are all discussing,so that should include the podiatrist I hope.

  • There has already been 36 confirmed cases of patients being identified from the anonymised data, I opted out months ago from this crazy scheme

  • I've already had my leaflets, and it is misleading. It doesn't tell you that non medical organisations will have access to your data (thank you for that link Parvati). I'm now having second thoughts.

  • Thank you so much for pointing this info out to us Parvati - very helpful indeed

    love cx

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