Never stop dreaming!

When I was lay in my hospital bed for 3 1/2 months just over 3 years ago now I used to dream of doing things again.

I dreamed of having the strength to walk again, I dreamed of walking with my dad and his dogs across the Colwall Banks, I dreamed of walking to the top of the Malvern Hills and taking in the views, I dreamed of hitting a tennis ball over the net again at my tennis club, I dreamed of riding my bike again, I dreamed of being at my daughters 21st and seeing her graduate from university, I dreamed of being at my wife's side at her 50th birthday. I dreamed of walking on the beach with my family whilst on holiday.

Yes It seems I did a lot of dreaming back then but I'm pleased to say that those dreams are now memories. There was once a time that it was very unlikely that any of these dreams would come true for me but with a lot of luck and hard work, one by one I ticked them off.

Never stop dreaming Healthunlockeders, keep working hard and you can make them happen.


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  • Hi Tony, Like yourself I prayed and dreamed to be around for various things also and we have pushed ourselfs to be where we are today and for a lot longer that's for sure, Mark's wedding is my next milestone, I just missed out in being picked for the Scotland Commenwealth Team in Glasgow for the walking race, Ah well I might make the next one in 4 years, Ps having trouble sending pm can you send me one and i will try and reply.MC

  • Dreams will become reality if you have the will and the wherewithall to go for it and boy, oh boy, have you achieved all you dreamed of so far! Treadmill should be arriving next Tuesday so now all I have to do is make a space for it. Peasy! Hahahahahaha :) xx

  • Thank's Le, scrobbitty, its amazing how those dreams help you set your goals and then all you have to do is work hard to make them come true.

    I'll warn you now, setting that treadmill up will be a workout on its own. I was too knackered to use mine on the first night. :)

    I'm glad to say its now getting daily use and winter exercise is so much easier and fun but the downside is when sitting at the dinning table I have to lean to one side or I'll bang my head on it. Oucha!!

    Tony xx

  • You are an inspiration to us all Dall

    Thank you

    Love Sohara

  • Gives' a whole new meaning to living the dream don't it Sohara. :)

  • I had the same feeling of not now I am not finished yet as though my plate had been taken away at the beginning of a family meal I appreciate getting what I wished for more than I would have by having the scare.

    We have learned a new value for the things life would just brings along from the next breath to family weddings its give it back I am not finished yet.


  • I like that Ali, give it back I'm not finished yet, that's how I felt back then and I'm still holding on to the plate now. Ha Ha. In some way's we are better off now and have learned to appreciate life a little more.

    Tony x

  • Wonderful dall05. Keep going. What determination and courage you have.

  • Keep dreaming Suzy, you never now where it'll take you.

  • Still being my inspiration, miracle man, my next dream is the same as last year. Weather and health permitting it is the boat for me this summer. Go for it Tony. -D x

  • If it keeps raining DD you may be on that boat sooner than you think. Somerset levels looks a good place for sailing to me. :)

    I've just had some 'cheese' and crackers so I'll see what challenge I can dream up next. Goodnight DD.

    Tony xx

  • dreams are free have as many as you want making them real keep one at a time

  • I do dream a lot, dall05, about the past but now way will that happen again. Me young and active. Would be weird - smiley. I appreciate your message, though, if I read the positive side. Nice to hear, dall xxx

  • I guess I'll have to settle for being young and active in my dreams too but I am working hard at becoming a little younger. I'll settle for being as young and fit as my 80 year old dad for now. He still has to wait for me when we go for one of our walks.

    Tony xx

  • My aim is to be able to keep up with my 82 year old husband when walking. He puts me to shame. Hmm he can still run up the stairs.

  • I can still run up the stairs but then I have to lie on the bed for 10 minutes to recover. The breathlessness has a delayed reaction, my muscles are good it seems but my lungs can't keep up.

    Ask your husband what his secret is

    Tony x

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