My beautiful mum♥

Hi haven't had much time recently to share my news about my mums improvement, as have been the hospital twice a day keeping her company. Anyway there is talk she may come home in a day or two:-) They started her on a antibiotic in her nebuliser called colmycin, hoping it will clear the bugs they keep discovering in her sputum, so fingers crossed. She still isnt feeling too good effects of all the drugs she has been on and has terrible thrush in her mouth which is so sore has put her off her food. But hopefully with some TLC she will regain her strength and get back yo being herself again. All for now ni night xx


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21 Replies

  • That is lovely news that your mum might soon be home again. I'm sorry she's not feeling too good on the cocktails of drugs she's been prescribed, but with your support and care I hope she'll soon be feeling better. It is great that you are able to visit her so often. I'm sure that helps her a lot and gives her something to look forward to daily. Make sure you take good care of yourself too. Best wishes, Jan :-)

  • Thanks Jan, the hospital she is in has visiting hours from 8am to 8pm so its been great, although tiring but now she is improving im sleeping much better:-) xx

  • Hi Bmb64. Glad your Mum is feeling better. It's so worrying when someone close is ill. Hope she will be home soon. X

  • Thanks Mavary x

  • That's good to hear, ask the staff if they can prescribe a mouthwash for her as it will help. Hope she comes home soon.

  • I took her in a mouthwash that she had prescribed from her matron, and it has started to clear, hopefully home tomorrow :-)

  • Hope she gets home soon and gets ready for Spring and the end of all the nasties xx

  • Thanks xx

  • Thank you for letting us know hope she gets home soon and starts to regain her strength. Lots of love TAD xx ps live yoghurt may help with the thrush in her mouth

  • Mouth improving so she has now started to enjoy her food :') hopefully home tomorrow.x

  • When I picked up a bad throat/chest infection and could not eat, the hospital produced some high energy drinks, rather like a milk shake, cold and easy to swallow. They made a great difference, might be worth asking if your Mum could have something similar

  • Well she is supposed to be on those drinks for her weight, but she doesn't like them so has yo be forced to drink them:-( but she is alot better today:-)

  • So sorry to hear your poor Mum is so unwell, I do hope she feels better soon and can get home in her own surroundings, when I had thrush my GP gave me drops for my mouth, worked wonders, sorry I can't remember the name though, might be worth asking.

    Take care xx


  • Thanks i took a mouthwash in that her matron had previously prescribed and has done the trick, so for the first day today she rnjoyed her tea:-) hopefilly home yomorrowxx

  • So pleased your Mum is feeling better, lets hope it stays that way, I bet she 's looking forward to going home.xx

  • I wish your Mum a speedy recovery. I too have to have Colomycin via nebuliser for Pseudomonas Aeruginosa,I have Bronchiectasis and I have been on Colomycin continuously for over 3 years now, and it has kept this nasty little bug at bay, so I feel reasonably well now with no exharbations since starting it, so there is a good chance it will do the trick for your Mum too.

  • So good to hear that this antibiotic has worked for you, are you on it twice a day? It has given me some hope now as she has been in hospital 5 times since August with this problem. Thanksx

  • Yes I am on 1 million units twice daily ( I was on 2 million units when I first started and poorly) but now on 1 million units- I suppose I can always take stronger dose if I get poorly again) I haven't even had to put a sputum sample in for testing since starting this. I am also a member of Bronchiectasisrus ( with a different user name) there are loads of people on there taking Colomycin and really benefitting from it, if she can get used to the minor hassle of using the nebuliser at home it beats having to go into hospital for antibiotics! does your mum also have Bronchiectasis?

  • Really sounds though its worked for you:-) my mum has copd dhe has never smoked in her life but has always had asthma.she has just been diagnosed with angina so came home today with lots ofnew medication. So fingers crossed it works for her. Best wishes xx

  • Great to hear of the improvement. Fingers crossed for a speedy discharge. x

  • Thanks hopefully tomorrow xx

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