Advice please

Im currently on antibiotics and 15mg steroids until i see consultant on 4 th feb. Im still very breathless and chest feels like big elephants living in there. Im doing all gp said rest drinking etc but my blood bnp test came back high she thinks its down to lungs but ive never felt so ill in my life im only 49 and apart from winters im generally ok but this ones really hit me bad ...has anyone else experienced heart probs with lungs ? Ive also got rheumatoid arthritis ...goodness i sound im falling apart !! Judith x

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  • I am pleased that you are seeing a consultant. Not long to wait for that and voice your worries to him/her.

    He will be aware that you are still young. Just check you aren't smoking. That is what they always ask. Before then, if you are really down and worried, see your GP. Pulmonary rehab could be very helpful, too.

    all the best xx

  • never smoked so thats not izsue x

  • Hi Judith

    I'm not surprised you feel as you do. You have had so much to cope with lately and living with rheumatoid arthritis as well must be hell. Anxiety is a big enemy too and we all suffer from it when we get ill, and breathlessness can be terrifying.

    I don't know much about how poor lung function affects the heart but think if something was wrong your doc would have taken action. You have been pretty ill and need to give yourself a lot more time to recover.

    You are not falling apart, just scared and anxious and trying to recover from unpleasant illness. Your consultant's appt. is coming up soon and then you should get some answers.

    Take care, don't push yourself and do everything you can to relax. xx

  • Thanks Butter fly x i will try to relax xx

  • Aww Judith, you sound well poorly if you've got a chest infection it can have a knock on effect on your and keep warm and I hope they get you sorted on the 4th take care x

  • Sorry to hear that you have "big elephants" - my husband has never described it as that! The problem is always the same when my husband gets a chest infection - it takes ages for him to feel anything like better AND the weather is so cold, it is really affecting him. Glad you are seeing the consultant - it might be worth a call to the helpline for advise about what you should be asking the consultant etc. (Click on the red balloon in the corner) Good Luck TADxx

  • Thank you for some good advice x

  • Hi Judith,Sorry you are unwell, I am the same, had 2 lots antibiotics and steroids, am waiting for a phone call from GP for more, my heart does race a bit too and I know the elephant feeling, a lot is to do with the winter damp and cold but when you feel constantly breathless its horrible, so tiring too, keep your chin up and I hope you start to feel better soon, let us know how you get on, I don't think you are falling apart yet!! Its the illness so awful at times.

    Take care and stay warm xx


  • You too Jude xxx take care thank you xx judith

  • Judith you don't say how long you have been on the medication, but you have to give it 5 days to work. Let's hope you start feeling better soon take care.

  • Ive been on since dec 15th with couple days in between whencourse finished but have had to re start different types to try get rid of infection. Gp has kept me on one a day with 10-15mg steroids till im seen next tues ...thank you xxx

  • Do you have any sores/ulcers on calves. May be sarcoidosis.

  • No nothing x will see what consultant says next week

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