Motivated at last

I wanted to do so much today, have a shower, change the beds and cook lunch for a change but I just could not motivate my self this morning, sat on the settee trying to force myself to go and have my shower, felt rubbish and could not be bothered.

I decided I would just have the shower and then chill for the rest of the day. I had just got out of the shower when my daughter came, she bought me some flowers, she changed the beds, stayed and had a chat and by the time she had gone I felt much better.

I am now cooking pork with crackling, roast potatoes, runner beans, peas, carrots and sage and onion stuffing with gravy. What a difference a little help can make.

polly xx

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That's great Polly

If I get myself showered and dressed can I pop by for dinner please? :)

That was me yesterday, tired, depressed and worried about house moving. Today, weather just as wet, but a good night's sleep made me far more motivated. 3 loads of washing, packing up some online shopping made me feel much more positive. xxx

Yumyum cant beat a bit of crackling loveit and Im terrible with munching whilst dishing up then to full for dinner You have motivated me to get some pork out now thank-you kindly Polly . :) Janexx

How lovely to have received flowers, sometimes just having a quick five minute chat with someone over a cuppa gives us the motivation we need. Dinner sounds lovely, wish I had read this earlier as I would have come to you for my Sunday dinner. Take care. Pat

Really pleased to hear that you got motivated! You are lucky to have such a caring daughter. TAD xx

That roast pork sounds so nice I'm unable to peel veg due to pins and needles in my hands and the last time I strained the spuds I dropped the pan and the went all down me. I know what you mean when you talk about getting motivated I haven't had a good nights sleep since my spine block wore off in November enjoy your pork.x

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