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FOOD INTOLERANCE.....any one else have problems

I have been awake most of the night with a headache, sinus pain and wheezing....this usually happens if I eat chocolate, cheese or wheat or maize.

I checked what I had eaten ....marshmallows made with glucose syrup....I googled it and found it was made from corn!

I am trying to put on weight and really struggling to find anything I can eat....I asked my asthma nurse but no joy.

I can't find any suitable website....May ask BLF nurse

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Knitter, i never thought I would be googling "weight gain". There is plenty of choice also combined with nutrition as well, on Google. Me, weight loss is the big thing - wont shift. I dont have food intolerances, luckily. Wish you well, knitter x


I think you should ask your GP for a referral to a dietician Knitter, especially with all these food intolerances and needing to put weight on. You probably also need a complete food allergy testing first to establish a suitable diet.

For now though be sure to make a list of all the things you know you get a reaction from to present to the dietician.

If you have respiratory problems bought on by food allergies you need to have this investigated further.

There are websites, support forums which may help you further with this.

You might need to ask your doctor about the York test:

Best wishes BC


Hi Knitter - I definitely have food intolerances - the sinus headaches are horrendous from chocolate, sweets, biscuits and sometimes I eat just to be pig headed and boy do I suffer! The one thing I can think of is nuts - they may help you put weight on. A chat to health food store may help too. Good luck TAD xx


I would suggest you speak to your doctor initially. May I ask if you get digestive problems? Also for trail and error reasons, buy some lactose free chocolate ,( Sainsburys have some), see if you still have the symptoms after eating it . You say you suffer for a few days, could you be a little more specific?


Ask for a blood test for coeliac disease


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