hitting home now,,, diagnosed 10 days ago with mild copd i wasnt to fazed with it as doc said it if i eat well exercise stay away from

people with flu ect i will be ok,, now i feel very weepy and down in the dumps,,am thinking about my breathing all the time felt really healthy and well before diagnosis but now am more breathless ,,is it psychological do you think,,

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No, I don't believe so. I think the recent news is a bit stressful which is never good for your lungs, makes you vulnerable in every way, emotionally as well as physically.

You may be coming down with something. Knock back some Vitamin C three times a day to boost your immune system.

Your copd is mild but you're still very susceptible to catching any bug going. Treat yourself kindly for the rest of the winter Flowers. P xxx

We all feel very weepy and vulnerable when we first get a diagnosis of anything that sounds/reads really bad ( the internet gives it to you harshly). I had a strange problem recently which they said 'could be cancerous'. I was so scared and thought the absolute worst but it wasn't cancer.

When we feel unwell we are much more aware of what our body is doing. I went into AF in Feb and for a long time was very aware of my heartbeating. Now I've calmed down I'm not so aware of it. But if I THINK about it I can feel it! Its not psychological because it is happening - but you can stress yourself into feeling bad.

Your breathlessness, as peeg says could be because you are coming down with something. People with mild copd live with their condition. If you take care of yourself it will probably remain stable for a long time. Do not put your life on hold because of a diagnosis of mild copd.

I was down at first but found positive thinking really helped. You will get alot of help from this site. The members are helpful and give lots of support. Hope you feel a little better. x

Hi flowers89, you have lots of good advice in your previous posts and you are very lucky you have been diagnosed at an early stage, listen to what your doc says, chat with your GP about any concerns you may have, get the annual flu shot, send for an information pack from BLF helpline, join a breathe easy group in your area, carry on enjoying your wii fit. Ask about attending a PR course (previously mentioned on one of your other posts) . Take your medicines as prescribed.

Feeling down in the dumps happens, anxiety and stress often brings on breathlessness, if any of these symptoms persist or worsen seek the advice from your GP. Don't ever delay getting your lungs checked if you have a bad cold or cough.

Rejoice that you have been diagnosed early and there is so much you can do to stay in good health and live a long a fulfilling life even living with a lung condition.

Helpline ................. - click red balloon top right for contact details (office open 10am to 5pm.

Breathe easy Groups: blf.org.uk/breatheeasy

BLF's Home page: blf.org.uk/Home

Recently diagnosed page: blf.org.uk/Page/Recently-di...

Pulmonary Rehabilitation: blf.org.uk/Page/Pulmonary-r...

Videos on PR : healthunlocked.com/blf/post...

A couple of other posts that you may find helpful:



Take good care of yourself and put on a happy face and play a happy tune :)

Best wishes BC

Hi flowers89. I have very severe COPD ( emphysema ). I work and do most things I used to do but a bit slower. I'm quite a happy chap most of the time and being positive does help.

Flowers, just want to add to what has been said. I have mild COPD, bronchiectasis and asthma. Difficult to stay upbeat with this weather. It is possible that you might be considered for pulmonary rehab. Check it out - you will meet people with the same condition. Love Pergola x

Sorry, PR has been mentioned already. Should read the messages first.

thanks everyone for your replies am getting upset just reading them you are all such a great supportive bunch of people ,,my doc gave me inhaler and repeat perscription and said go back in a yr unless i get ill,xx

Hi flowers89.

Having mild COPD does not necessarily mean that it will progress to a more severe illness. Something I would have thought your doctor could have told you. If you don't smoke, take normal exercise, have the flu jab and avoid the things that aggrarvate your health you can, quite possibly look forward a healthy life.

You are probably scared and anxious and therefore very aware of your breathing. Keep busy to keep your mind occupied and maybe talk to your doc again to ease your anxiety. Good luck and take care

Hi. I think it's perfectly normal to be going through what you're going through. I was diagnosed with copd in 2010 and I was exactly the same. I had a 1 year old daughter at the time and I had all these thoughts going on in my head that I was going to die and that I wouldn't be able to do anything with her. These feelings you're going through will eventually subside and if you carry on as normal you will be fine although you will probably need toslow down a bit. That's another hurdle to overcome.but it's normal to feel down. Good luck.

about 20 yrs. ago, I heard some wheezing sound coming from my chest, went to doc and he informed me that I had late asthma, "not good" was his reply. now at 62 I wish I would have taken him more seriously. I have copd and it does interfere with my whole life. I now have to make decisions about what or how I want to expend my energy....knowing that the next day I will be breathless and depressed. Even on those days when I can't seem to get myself out of bed, I will myself to. My advice to you: don't smoke if you're overweight lose it if you're a couch potato do the opposite(be a road runner..teee heee). change your diet, cut the fats, esp. cow meat(poor cows), eat foods closest to their natural state more importantly do something everyday that forces you to breathe deeply (clean air) of course and lastly, since none of us know the hour/day/year that we will depart this earth...live every moment and keep learning....okay, not lastly......I forgot some stuff....have a glass of red wine...seek the truth in everything and I think you'll fair better than me. love the brits

teeee heeeeee where are dah comma's?? durrrrr

couldnt be arsed to put them in

hey flowers89....tee hee I am goofy american (so. california) I need a bit of translation "arse" (if i could figure out how to put in a graphic happy i would)

sorry hun am a bit grumpy today ,,you made me smile though arsed means cant be bothered its a phrase i use very often lol,,x

Hi Flowers89, I too have just been diagnosed with what I believe to be mild COPD given the readings from the Spirometry Test, but GP says its moderate. I've had a cough since packing up smoking 23 years ago, so the diagnosis came as an absolute shock. Like you, I am feeling weepy and depressed, but am determined that this is not going to rule my life, and am determined to live a long and healthy life. Not sure how I can support you through this phase but happy to talk.

aww thanks for reply ,well i got over my weepiness am fine now infact am feeling pretty good lol,,apart from a little breathlessness on exercisie ive got no symptoms at all, never had a cough ect,,im on symbicort 2 puffs a day,,,

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