Breathease cleaning products

Mizzymac recently posted information about cleaning products designed for use by people with asthma, and I picked some up at the supermarket (Tesco). Although I do not have asthma (emphysema) I bought a bathroom cleaner and a general cleaner and can report good things. The products clean efficiently and there is no odour at all. As most products have a detrimental effect on my breathing, these were great so I just thought I would pass it on.


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  • thanks Toci :) x

  • Thanks for your research Toci - all best :)

  • Ho there, that's alwYs handy to know thank you. I suffer from inhaling offensive strong orders from cleansing products.

  • Me too.

  • Thanks Toci that's good to know; often the odours give me a headache, as do most perfumes too

  • I have the same problem which is why I thought these products may help others.

  • Thanks very much Toci, info is greatly appreciated :)

  • I use these there brilliant I suffer from asthma and emphysema and I can tolerate these very well very good cleaners too ...

  • Thankyou so much Toci I will look out for those household cleaners always set my chest off coughing!

  • Great! I'm off to Tescoe's today. Thanks Toci.

  • I've got the best cleaning device in the world - it's called The Wife ;-)))

  •, I will NOT say anything. Biting tongue. ;)

  • only today I use a stainless steel spray a few months ago this did not effect me but today I ended up outside in the pouring rain fighting for my breath, this is a good sign my COPD is getting worse so I'm off to Tesco tomorrow.

  • Isn't it time manufacturers started to take notice of sufferers like ourselves and actively make products to suit us? All vey well going to Tescos but the smell of that aisle is enough to get my chest going too.........

  • I must admit my oven needs cleaning and I am dreading it I will be using Mr Muscle I think I will have to put my mask for this job.

  • Thanks Toci, will have to investigate. I am in bed at the moment with yet another chest infection. 3 in 3 months, and Hubby was cleaning the bathroom, take note Lucherman, and the smell of the Cleaners coming through was awful strong, made me feel sick and gave awful headache. Cheryl

  • sound really good, will ask my daughter to get some for me.

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