Hi all.

I signed up to get a bit more insight to what people experience with copd,I have had panic attacks in the past and still get some persistent breathing issues since, along with chest discomfort, numbness etc.

I'll be browsing the pages and forums to see if anyone has had anything similar.

I'm late 50s, a bit overweight and doctors tell me it's stress/anxiety/depression brought about by copd which was diagnosed 2 years ago

If anyone experiences or has experienced something like this, please tell me more.


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  • Hello and welcome.

    You don't say exactly what you have, I have severe emphysema. What medication do you take. I would ring BLF helpline the are brilliant and will help with all your questions. Glad you found us we all try and be here for each other on here, it can be very stressful sometimes I could scream, don't hold back come on and have a good moan.


  • Hi, kimmy59 yes It is emphysema.thank you very much for replying

  • Hi and welcome jcsy. I have very severe emphysema. Ask anything you want to know and hopefully we can help.

  • Hello Jcsy Im also late 50s have had emphysema for over 20yrs now,i and many others here suffer with very similar problems and to a certain extent do go with the diagnosis and that for me is a little comforting knowing its not just me,that anxiety,stress and depression affects so many of us to a lesser or greater extent.I was having lots of panic attacks scaring the living daylights outta me,I stopped smoking over 4 months and my doctor is wonderful has put me on citalopram the combination has helped loads not gone completely but so much better which helps me get through ,this forum is the best thing that ive done aside from not smoking there is a lot of friendly people who are only to happy to help and support and a wealth of info from the horses mouths,and of course the BLF for a more pro answer, cant go wrong Jcsy. Nice meeting you see you soon . :) Janexx

  • Hello jcsy, another late stage emphysema person here. Welcome to the site.

  • Hi jcsy and welcome to the Site with the best advice on the Net, look no further!!

  • Hi jcsy welcome you have come to the right site if you want advice on your lung condition, and it's not unusual to be anxious or depressed on occasions with chronic illness like COPD. You will find many tit bits of help on the varied posts and you can always ring a BLF nurse on the helpline number 03000030555.

  • Best place to ask questions about your lungs is right here.

  • Hi and welcome to the site like you I'm in my 50's diagnosed when I was 42 with COPD I'm now level 4 have panic attacks and do get very low and depressed more so in winter it seems like a constant stream of antibiotics and steroids.

  • Hi Jcsy,

    I am also late stage emphysema and suffer with anxiety always when I am going out wih hubby (I don't go out much without him, I can't carry the cylinder) , it affects my breathing so badly that sometimes I give up and don't bother. My doctor gave me diazipan, they are good but give me a headache he next day. And as for winter well I usually have at least 5 if not more chest infections, each one lasting nearly 3 weeks, I am told it could be recurring infections, whatever that is, anyway if anyone has any advice about the anxiety I would be glad to hear it. But no matter what I will not let it get me down, keep your chin up.

    love Chinka

  • Hi jcsy, Yes I too have emphysema, Panic attacks quite often happen, I need to know where the car park is when I am going out, and also the Ladies, then worry I shall get locked in, When I am at home maybe only need the loo once or twice,Invites anywhere are a complete headache, mither myself so much, make an excuse not too go, I try not to let it get me down ,But mostly it wins.

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