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Big Day

(Some know I'm awaiting Endobronchial lung space reduction procedure, scheduled for today after two cancellations. I've tried to keep it light!)

Well, today was the big day. Up at 6, no tea, coffee or food. Taxi to the hospital with bag for a two day stay by 7. Wait. Interview with anaesthetist, all systems go. Wait. Interview with surgeon, nice guy. Told to expect a late morning slot. Had good chat with my consultant Doctor Jarrad, an extremely nice Palestinian and who was going to be assisting. Wait. Finally, my name is called and I'm taken to a room where two very apologetic hospital staff tell me that the hospital is in Escalation Black and that there are no beds and it's off. Me and another guy. For the third time, just getting a bit closer to the date before they cancel (first a week before, then a day before and now an hour before!). Free taxi home. Well, that's been my morning, how about y'all?

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So very sorry for the cancelation "again" better luck next time.

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Jimini crackers notiocal what a let down for you,infuriating ,spoil yourself for the rest of the day. :p Janexx

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Heh..I am, but I'm not sure I should write about it here!

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Oooer haha Im intrigued you enjoy and have a good time ! :D Janexx

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Where do you find the emoticons here?

Hi notiocal what are you meaning am i being a bit thick? do you mean the smiley faces etc? :) Janexx

No, i mean is a smiley or :( face all that is available?

Ahhh lol the only ones I know are :) :( :p :D ,others might well know more.Ihope your self meddies were enjoyable today whats your fav? :p Janexx

Green things and well...rum is quite nice! Today isn't a day for abstinence..:)

Yum sounding good to me and I agree 100% happy days,evening haha :p Janexx

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good night

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Hi notlocal,

Look at this:

A bit miserable! Ah well as my Gran would say in these sort of situations - "it wasn't meant to be". Hopefully next time! Have a nice weekend. TAD xx

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What a let down. If they follow the pattern they will next cancel one minute before the surgery!

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Time after that the anaesthetic drip machine will malfunction...

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Lol, would be funny if it were not so bl@@dy awful. x

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I'm a bit confused. If I want a post to reply to all who replied here am I doing it right?

Anyway, yeah I'm good now. This time was easier than the last time they cancelled. Then I hit the emotional skids for a few hours. Now I see myself as a battle hardened veteran playing the long game :) Water off a duck's back mate...

Anyway, thanks for your kind replies....

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Oh, and my self medication is very effective today of all days :)

Oh Notlocal how AWFUL for you, its hard to imagine how upset/frustrated/annoyed etc etc etc you must be feeling

I hope they re-schedule you very soon and that the op will have been worth the wait..

I feel angry myself that this should happen to ANYONE, but even more so when its someone in our 'group'

Love Sohara

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Oh how terrible for you. unfortunately it seems to happen too often. Our friend had his Triple by pass cancelled same as you at the very last minute three times. Fourth time lucky.

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That's a shame.

Seems like you are getting closer to the final visit when it will actually happen.

Chin up , enjoy your day.


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I'm in it for the long haul :)

What a horrendous let down. I am so sorry. When i had my lung op, it was on/off at the hospital. The waiting for endless hours after a restless night = awful. Good luck for next time. :-) :-) Alison

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Such shame. Hope you're lucky next time. It's happening all over the country, I'm near Manchester Royal Hospital and it's chronic. Keep well for the next one.

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So sorry,that would be so frustrating,I do hope you have better luck next time!

As for the question about the posts,yours popped up ok! If you want to reply to a particular post,just click on the reply to this button,at the end of there post,

Keep smiling,Wendells xx

When I went for my op, there was a lot of pressure for beds. I think they ended up using a bit of a 'First come, first served' basis. After several days of on/off phone calls, I was told to pack a bag and wait. 4 o'clock one afternoon, phone call, 'There is a bed free. Get here now!!!' I did and had op following morning.

It'll happen, just be a patient patient.

breathe easy



Hi Notlocal, I was thinking about you Friday morning, How really disappointing, but as you say getting nearer each time, can I ask where you are having it done,and is it the coil or the valve. Chin up X

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Hi junespoon, yes - disappointing but I'm over it and philosophical now! It's the BRI, Bristol Royal Infirmary and it's the valves.

All the very best,fingers and toes crossed for you, thankyou for answering.

OOOOH dear! Well, let's hope the next time comes soon! Carry on keeping it light! I would just try to get along gently. Relax if you can. Best regards.

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