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How long does it take to recover from pneumonia?

I cam out of hospital almost 2 weeks ago was in hospital one week with double pneumonia. I do have a underlined illness (rheumatoid arthritis) which is why I was admitted. However, 2 weeks on I am still getting a little breathless especially if I talk a long time! Also, very tired can you please tell me if this is normal?

Thank you

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I had pneumonia. It took quite a month or two to feel

back to normal. Spoke to the \GP I had at the time, and she said, what do you expect, you have been ill. Lovely lady. Get better soon, shalo.

I have had pneumonia a few times inn my life and each time it seemed to take ages to recover. I lot depends on the impact of other things eg other conditions, time of year, lifestyle etc. Two weeks is not very long really to recover from a major illness. I would expect to still be breathless and very tired in that time. Also a little low emotionally as I remember - mainly due to frustration!

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Hi sir I had penomonia 8 weak ago and inflonza infection still felling tierd and pain in all body what is the recovry time plz much appreciated


I've had double pneumonia 2012 it took me three months to get back to normal but everyone is different. Just take your time I know it can be depressing but when I had it again I knew to take one day at a time. You'll get there.

Kim xxx

Hi shalo, it can take a long time to recover from pneumonia some people can take up to 6 months, but that is not to say you will, with luck you could be fully recovered in two months or less. The main things to do is always follow your doctors advice and take medicines as prescribed by your doctor. If your symptoms deteriorate at all you must act quickly and make contact with your doctor, NHS Direct or if in extreme difficulty just phone emergency. You may want to phone BLF Helpline for tips on how to help recovery or just ask your doctor.

Make sure you look after yourself as best you can, eat properly, drink plenty of water, avoid anyone else who may be infected with a cold or the flu virus, rest when you need to and exercise a little each day, even just little walks up and down inside, resting after, then try it again later in the day, don't try to push yourself too hard, just as much as you can. Your mobility should improve with each day if you keep doing this and so will your breathing. The tiredness may stay with you for some time but that is ok, it just means you need to keep on resting to help the body recover. Check with your doctor anything you are not sure of.

I am wishing you a good recovery and feeling better days coming soon.


Thank you. Just out of the hospital, 6 day's, then another 4 days. Hidden, your post was very helpful. CATTR55

In my experience Shalo, it has been over 3 months. That was with working full time in a stressful job though.

I had pneumonia 5 times inless than 2 years, if only I knew then what I now know i'd have taken much more time off and really looked after myself. I haven;t had it since the pneumonia jab.

On top of taking a while to recover (lots of rest, fluids, good food, gentle but little & often exercise & + breathing exercises your immune system will have taken a battering.

Look up what you can take to give it a boost. Personally, this winter I'm taking a Berroca 3 times a day when floored by an infection + echinacia drops both during & for a couple of weeks afterwards. (I'm in the afterwards phase right now so fingers crossed it's working).

Do take it easy, look after yourself especially as you have RA. Kid gloves & all that :)


Hello Shalo

I went down with pneumonia in the middle of October and went back to work on reduced hours on the 2nd of January.

I am still feeling very tierd and get out of breath easily. I did my exercise class today and this was the first week I could do all the exercises. So I am still improving but not there yet. I think it will take at least 6 weeks as a minimum for you to get over this. Just keep going I know it is frustrating but small steps.

hope you feel better soon regards irene


So sorry you were so ill shalo. Please don't expect a lot from yourself for some time yet. Exhaustion for some time afterwards is usual for such a serious bout as you had. Recovery will be slow so just lie back and take things very easy. Doing otherwise is liable to set you back and your health will suffer. There are no short cuts here.

I did not feel fully recovered from double pneumonia for three months. You will get there. Take very good care of yourself.

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hi hun

i had it really did not know much for couple of days but ten days in hosp that was two years ago although i do have c o p d its just only now apart from stinking cold that i can see light at the end of tunnell but you may find u are getting depressed dont sit there and let it happen if you do get help from g p cos i was very tearful and just never thought i would feel any different but u will i guess every one is different but always ask for help if u fweel u need it


Thank you, very helpful.

Hi im recovering from it what started as chest infec in early dec has gone down onto my left lung (i had pneumonia badly some 15 yrs ago which took two yrs to fully recover from) im on my 8th dose of antibiotics and steroids my gp has been amazing popping out or ringing me so ive not had to venture out . She stressed to me to rest eat well and drink fluids . Ive been off work since end nov and am signed off till end feb at presant . It is exhausting just to get dressed but little steps please dont push yourself your body will tell you when you need to stop so listen to it ....my gp also the blf nurse told me to have manuka honey 25 every day as its very high in natural antibacterial properties so worth a try ive only started it so dont know if its helping as yet. I also have rheumatoid arthritis but luckily probs due to all the steroids mind, my flare up hasnt been as bad as i thought. Hope this helps and you get well soon take care xxx judith

hi pergola, sorry to hear you had pneumonia, , i am relatively new to the site, so im obviously no expert,

but i have also an underlying arthritic illness [ankylosing spondulitis] and contacted pneumonia in june of last year, also a collapsed lung,and felt the same as you, in my case this recovered gradually in about a couple of months, i have spoken with other people with the same, and the recovery period seems to vary very much.i believe in my case i tried to do too much too soon, then have had a few infections since, i am wondering if you are in contact with a local resp. nurse who would help/advise you on your situation and your recovery. the previous posts tell you most things about your condition and are all very informative, strangely enough, i got that manuka honey [mentioned in the last post] although its expensive its supposed to have many good qualities , especially the natural antibiotics in it. its absolutely lovely to take, so i was in the mind if it did me no good, it would certainly do me no harm, so maybe worth a bash,,,,,i certainly hope your feeling better by now, but in my opinion i would have patience and not look for perfect recovery too soon, but a gradual recovery over some time. ,,best wishes jw

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Hi. Don't expect too much from yourself just yet. I had pneumonia again in November caused by H1N1 virus. I had Respiratory failure and was ventilated for 6 days. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease after a bronchoscopy and HRCT scan. To complicate matters I have diabetes, IgA Nephropathy, Nephrotic Syndrome, Sjögren's Syndrome, recurrent DVT/PE, OA and Peripheral Neuropathy. If I can recover from pneumonia, anyone can! Look after yourself, forgive yourself for being ill and be patient. You'll get there. X


I got pneumonia and TB at the beginning of October. I had Tazocin IV in hospital and then the (useless for me) Amoxycillin. I was still perpspiring terribly during the night. The NHS website suggested either TB or cancer!!! I knew that the TB bug had come back so I took the medicine that was stopped in August, Rifampicin. within 2 weeks, the perspiration thankfully left me. I am to this day taking Rifampicin against TB and Clarithromycin against pneumonia. After a good month, I would say I started to feel better. I wanted to eat more to regain the 5kg (13lbs) I had lost. I waited a little more to go back to the gym. I still felt very tired during the day, and just slept unashamedly since my body required this.

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I put some video reference for when we are short of breath. Her it is again (I got this from YouTube typing shortness of breath


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