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For those unfamiliar with the abbreviations used relating to lung health. Hope this list will help. I will start the list with just a few people have queried recently and add to it as and when. Perhaps others will too.

ABG = Arteriel Blood Gas

ARDS = Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

BLF = British Lung Foundation

BIPAP = Biphasic Intermittent Positive Airway Pressure

CAD = Chronic Airways Disease

COPD = Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

CPAP = Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

DLCO = Diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide

EMA = European Medicines Agency

ENT = Ears, Nose and Throat

FEV = Forced expiry volume - for other abbreviations concerning spirometry test scroll down to "measurements

made in Spirometry" on this page link

IPF = Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

NHS = National Health Authority

NICE = National Institute of Clinical Excellence

02 sats = Blood oxygen saturations

PF = Pulmonary Fibrosis

PR = Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Sats = Saturations (normally referring to blood oxygen saturations)

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  • I sse other abbreviations that puzzle me, generally to do with allowances. Thanks BC, a mine of information.

  • Perhaps start another post concerning abbreviations for these ;)

  • Pergola if you have had any dealings with ATOS you will know it stands for idiots

  • Hi

    LTOT .........Long term oxygen therapy .

    STOT.........Short term oxygen therapy .

    LVRS.........Lung volume reduction surgery

    RTIs.........Respiratory tract infections

    IPF........idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

    ABG............Arterial blood gases.

    AMU...........Acute medical unit.

    HCP...........Health care professional

  • Great stone :)

  • HOOF.....Home Oxygen Order Form

    lpm.......litres (of oxygen) per minute

    FEV1........forced expiratory volume in one second (exhaled breath)

    sats........blood oxygen saturation levels

    POC........portable oxygen concentrator

    LOX.....liquid oxygen

    BIPAP.......Biphasic Positive Airway Pressure

    NICE guidelines........guidance set for medical professionals by the National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence

  • Fab Toci, thanks :)

  • S O B.......short of breath

    ABs........ antibiotics

    Don't know if they are medical abbreviations, but people do use them in posts

  • they are lung related, thanks knitter

  • We could do with these abbreviations put on a permanent list somewhere as I and a lot of others wouldn't know what half of them mean. Especially the newly diagnosed people. Thanks Blakey. X

  • Thankyou.

  • Two more to add to the list, must be feeling better today,having a go at spelling them

    PH pulmonary hypertention

    HP hypersensitivity pnuemonitis

    Have a good day

  • thanks gleadell12

  • thank you very useful x

  • IPH - Idiopathic Pulmonary Haemosiderosis .

  • thanks Helen

  • will help a lot

  • Adding ENT = Ears, Nose and Throat (as above)

    As some lung patients suffer with sinus infections which can result from lung infections and some of the mediciations, when symptoms persist we are often sent to the ENT clinic. Sinus problems can often affect the eyes and patients experience headaches also.

    For further information on respiratory tract infections, please read:

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