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Well not impressed ARDS or Chronic Lung Sepsis really

I have had time of late with infections and my breathing.

As you will know my x gp tried to say was panic attacts BUT given my resent diagnosis of Chronic Lung Sepsis or Chronic Bronchial Sepsis a cant understand why my doctor is not giving me the stuff this doc in video is going on about .

Mainly a more sutable il8 perpeptide Or maintanance antibiotics.

I hope a dont have sepsis a really do ... as a thought lung diease was bad but this is top hat

i honestly think my problems are caused by Asestos and its those causing my inflamation

Given my previous post of what looked like honeycombing and having looked at patholagy slides in this VIDEO of LUNG SEPSIS a can see a resemblance i.e inflamation process lung destruction.

Thus cant understand why if i have CHRONIC LUNG SEPSIS nothing is being done as servent or high dose corticosteroid for sepsis or acute lung injury, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and severe pneumonia dont work and that would explane why i had bad reaction to more steriode as hi dose steriods use could make my condition worse.


Infact could i have CHRONIC BRONCHIAL SEPSIS at all as surly my docs would be doing more than thay are.

Instead of having to rely on on my own il8 perpeptide mainly consists of vitamin B5 & B12 and vitamin C as inflammation fibroblast hate the stuff.

Rember my post is based an my thoughts and relates to my condition and ramblings

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Hi Daz

Sorry you are still wrestling with this. The only thing I can think of (apart from ringing the helpline) is to make a note of the medications that have NOT helped you and those you have found have. It must be so difficult for you, not being clear about your diagnosis and not being able to find a way forward in treatment that will help stabilise your condition.

Hope you will find something, a treatment, that will help to reach some level of stability in health.

Best wishes BC


Hi BC cheers am seeing doc in feburay .. Yer low dose steriodes i find work such as my inhaler but pills nearly killed me .. a dont know why as i was prevosly ok with them but now am not.

A know most on hear thinks its me just going on .. but given my lung doc as said i have sepsis why was i told the guna stop treating me is or was that a shot across the bow.

Even my new doc i have to fight tooth and nail for antibiotics ...

Am not saying i am right or even wrong but i like my life and its like thay don't care.

I have a home blood pressure machine and about 7 times out of 10 a heart arythmiea symbol pops ups.

What my docs told me about slight heart problems nothing yet i know when you sepsis and lung problems ya heart can kill you


Your not going on Daz, you are entitled to know what you've got wrong with you and what they are going to do about it. Not knowing what is wrong with you drives you mad.

I would write down the names of the treatments you have seen in the video and take them to your Dr, then, hopefully, he'll look them up and see if any are suitable for you.

When my Dad was in hospital, after surviving a major operation, he was unable to get out of bed and could not eat. They said it was him that didn't want to move or try to eat.

It went on for weeks until I looked up complications of his op and a certain infection came up. He had all the symptoms. I wrote it down and showed it to the main nurse. Next thing I know, my Dad's on allsorts of drips. Don't worry about upsetting them, it's your life. xx

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Hi cassper99 cheers ye i

have few questions for my lung doc .. and to be honest am not happy how he sent is regastar to see me last time

If is going to come out with stuff he needs to tell me to my face.

last time a was there thay said was going to withdraw my treatment yet 2 days later got letter

saying i had chronic

bronchial sepsis

its look to me like the hiding something BUT know will not forget what to ask

Cheers thanks for reply al the best daz :)

Hi Daz, You mention you only getting to see a Registrar, Yes we at our Health Centre as been through it all. For example Why do I need to see a trainee doctor? With my condition I should be seeing a GP that is fully trained. Well Yes I was one of these people so I took a look at what was going on and the Registrars in our Surgeries are Full fledged Doctors with the only thing missing is the experience of working in a Practice environment. They leave the practices where they are training and Apply for positions at other Health Centres; However Daz they need to go through Rigorous test in which they need to pass in order to work in the Practices/Health Centres here in England. Let me give an Example of this. Yes I have well documented My wife's Ann's Conditions. Well Ann's first Appointment after returning home from our Holidays Was with the Senior Partner of our Health Centre. He examined Ann's Chest and yes listened to it, "Well Ann You have a Lung infection If you haven't got a Reserve pack of Steroids and Antibiotics I will write a Script out for some for you," Two day's Later Ann needed to go for her Annual Revue with the Practice Nurse. Who when seeing Ann refuse to do the revue saying Ann looks as though she should be in Hospital and not where she was, So she asked for a Doctor to come into her room to take a look at Ann. In came the Doctor Abdul ?? Straight away getting the Nurse to get Ann ready for an ECG also to take blood test and in the mean time Gave Ann the Use of a Nebuliser till the ECG coughed up the Results. When they Had Dr Abdul asked if we had a car then said forget it An Ambulance would be coming for Ann Yes Daz in order to get Ann into hospital as fast as Possible Yes Ann had a serious Heart Problem. Now because I have wrote about the outcome elsewhere I will tell you the Moral of this Story. When Seeing the as people imply the fully trained GP may have caused my ANN yes Serious problems even to me losing her as I said it was found that less than 25% of Ann's Heart was functioning. Dr Abdul was a Trainee as we imply Yes Daz A registrar. We this So called Trainee saved my Ann's Life along with the concerns of the nurse and got Ann to the treatment she desperately needed, Sorry but this Registrar Dr Failed his Examination WHY because us Patients might not be able to understand his use on the English Language GOD Daz he had just stopped my Ann from Dying. I now wonder about the GP that you would prefer to have seen, Where an underling for a Dr yes the invaluable Nurse. Plus your Trainee Doctor Were able to give the correct diagnosis that he had missed. Also Daz I belong to a Patient Participation Group and as I keep saying to People IF you Have Problems with your GP Then yes we have the right to change to another, LOL Yes I may look like a Doctors Man, No Far from it My only interest is the care of People with Long Term Conditions mainly Lung disease and if I believe that someone is not acting on the patients best Interest then Yes They soon Have the GOB (Me) to look out for and I am sure the People here at the BLF will soon back me up on that Daz. All the very best to you Daz and You get to here you deserve to be. This May be a bit strong at You however Daz I can promise you its not. Its the overall System I am being strong with Yes from the Government, Nice and our Own Health Society All the best my Friend. Bless

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So Sorry Daz, I did write on behalf of this Doctor Abdul after being informed that he had failed and Why, Thankfully the authorities listened to a mere Patient and the reversed their decision, Probably not just because of my correspondence but from others also. Daz Honestly I deal with beautiful People from all over the World and I can honestly say to you that our Health Service here in the UK is right up there at the very top. Yes It would be Better by far if it was in the control of people that truly care about the health of people and not those who's only interest is how much will it help their back pocket to bulge out more, Yes the Governments of this fine country of ours and to prove its not Political yes Daz all the Governments. You please take care of yourself, Remembering my friend that there isn't a person in the world knows how to live with your conditions better than yourself. You need better support from the professionals, Yes will be back shortly Nope I haven't had it to brilliant recently. First I lost a very beautiful and brave friend that desperately required new Lungs but it would have made My Lovely Susan's Family homeless in order to fund the transplant Yes $25,000, Also my wonderful Caring and Passionate Co-tutor who is delivering a Self Management Program with me right now for people with not only conditions like COPD but also Mental Health Issues. Last Wednesday no one would never have guessed that she had been diagnosed with what seemed a secondary Cancer. However after more scans and Results on Friday She was informed her Cancer may be operational to remove it and will know for definite on Tuesday. Our Boss says my problem was I couldn't leave what I do back there I need to take it back home with me and allow it into my life, After explaining that Passion is not something that we are able to turn on and off to order and now she fully agrees with me. Yes even us Volunteers have Bosses, Night my friends Bless you .

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Hope things soon pick up for you - I've great sympathy with the 'it's panic attack' comments and am seriously considering putting a plastic bag over the head of the next person who suggests it. I notice these people who blithely suggest it is JUST panic are breathing fine themselves and therefore have no IDEA of what panic is justifiably caused by severe breathing problems. Just suffocate them Daz ;-)

And feel better soon!

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