How about a Benefits Street for COPD sufferers, that would be a bit different, wouldn't it?

How about a Benefits Street for COPD sufferers, that would be a bit different, wouldn't it?

This article about says it all and is well wriiten. I also send an image our DWP minister having a right laugh. Would images of us trying to go about our daily lives maybe bring home to some what's really going on here? I'm up too late 30 hours before a valve placement lung reduction op and I'd welcome the cameras in here, although I'd hide the rum...

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  • I don't think much about politicians at this time as I don't find doing so is very helpful to my health.

    Hoping your op goes well and your recovering is speedy.

    Best wishes BC

  • Best wishes, not local, hope it goes well for you x

  • Hi Notlocal. We all ought to send photos of people who are suffering. Make them wake up to what people are like. There's not much publicity for people with lung problems. Not like Cancer which I'm not belittling. Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis has a life expectancy of four point five years but you don't hear about it like cancer. It's just as bad or worse. In fact there is no cure at the moment so we are losing our loved ones X

  • They would never do a COPD street because of all the oxygen cylinders that would be in a concentrated location and that would require the fire brigade to be on stand-by, and oddly enough the government are trying to cripple them as well ? And if there was an incident think of all the queuing ambulances at the hospital with COPD patients, whilst the ministers and ATOS are being treated for splitting their sides with laughter??

  • and to add to that ATOS have paid no corporation tax ?

  • excellent article thank you - IDS should look at his own statistics more pewople in work are on benefits than those out of work - so work clearly does not pay - or at least not enough to live on - do not see him asking for higher wages for people though - can't put what I think of him or this shambles of a government .... I'm too polite.

  • I'm trying to get my MP who is labour to change the rules for people with lung conditions I would like to see all people with lung conditions be awarded DLA & ESA my lungs are not going to get better they will get worse no matter what changes to my life style I make. This was set up by the labour party and Mr Cameron has just jumped on the band wagon we are being tarred with the same brush we can't fool our breathing test and x-rays don't tell lies yet we still are being turned down for DLA & ESA life is not fair. What is needed is some thing that gives the affect of COPD and every person who passes over the door step of number 10 should have it and then we sit back and laugh, rant over

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