Why has my post disappeared!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!

I spent ages writing, nay composing, a long post, getting it just right, nice and logical, not too whiney, a bit amusing to keep you from getting bored and then what happens. I go to the category option and pick COPD. then get that silly face page, arrow back, and low and behold my post has disappeared!

I know Grandmas aren't supposed to swear but the air here is blue with purple stars shooting upwards!

I just heard a door bang. I think my husband has left me!

Help, surely there' a way to stop this catastrophe happening again and ruining my life! (well my post anyway.)

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  • Sometimes when a reply or post is very long, compose in a word document and save it after every paragraph written. the other way is to highlight and copy what you have written every paragraph until you have finished writing, then if you lose it you can just paste it onto the page again.

    Good luck next time. :)

  • Good advice BlakeyC; another useful tip. Thanks June

  • Thanks BlakeyC. I'll try that but still don't think my post should have disappeared with no way of getting it back.

  • Perhaps it's still there, butter-fly. Click on the three bars in the green band on the right hand side. You will see your name in the left. click on it and in the menu, click on My Activity. All your message are there, usually.. Blakey this is good advice. to type in Word, and save often even before you reach the end of the paragraph, you never know, the phone might ring or something. worth saving every bit!

  • Tried this helinmic. Can't seem to get it to work for me. No masterpiece found!

    Thanks anyway.

  • I use Lazarus. It's an add-on for Firefox and saves what you have typed so you can recover it.


  • Hi puffthemagicdragon. I'll have to bite the bullet about Lazarus and ask my kids. They always laugh themselves silly when I talk 'computer'. I think they must be delinquents.

  • That happens to me a lot, there should be a save icon!

  • Couldn't agree more rick1. It would make life so much easier for novices like me!

  • Butterfly I think you have just discovered one of the 'pleasures' of using the computer.

    At work and at home there are countless times when my wonderful computer ( and lets face it they are a Godsend) drives me IIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Too true Sohara. I've worn my teeth down from gnashing when on line and doing something. Bit useless and impatient when using the compt. Wouldn't be without it though.

  • No wonder one has to buy a new computer every three years!!!

  • Sshh!

    Sorry Helinmic. I know I'm a liability but don't tell the NHS. I'm not ready to go out yet.

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