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As some of you know im waiting fof second opinion which is 4th feb ...i was at gp on mon and im on maintanence antib and steroids ...thing is im still in pain in chest and back moslty lower left but across front too. She said my bloods showed above level for heart problem but nothing else . Im weak exhasted and i went out sun for short time see my beloved horse and have been like this since. Gp thought id just over done it ...i know im probs anxious as shd thinks its bronchiactisis??? But its my heart left bnp ??? Anyone know or had experience of this . Thanks judith

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  • No advice for you I'm afraid tigershay. I just know that at times of being unwell& I get a glimmer of wellness so dash out &do something. Other times I force myself to do something because I'm fed up with saying no.

    After a little exertion it can completely knacker me and it takes at least a couple of days to recover - and I'm not that ill, compared to many here :(

    Stress of any kind never helps either. Hope you get some answers soon. All the best, Peeg

  • Only think that comes to mind tiger, is are you coughing much? I used to cough terribly and was always straining muscles in my chest area, mostly left back and front like you. xx

  • Not too much but could be as was before back on meds x

  • Hi Judith I am sorry I can't give you any advise other than try the BLF helpline click on the red balloon in the top right corner - they may be able to give you some advise. Take care TAD xx

  • Hi Tigershay1

    Sorry you are still feeling so unwell and anxious. I don't think your steroids and antibs have not had time to work yet. Normally it takes a few days for them to kick in and if you are anxious (and it's hard not to be} your pain is likely to seem worse esp as it's still there.

    Good that your 2nd opinion date is getting closer. Take care. xx

  • I agree with butter-fly you need to give the abd time to work and you need to REST. I know this from experience as I once kept pushing myself to do things instead of resting and I ended up with pleurisy. My gp gave me a real rolicking. Take care of yourself and give your body time to heal.

  • I have never smoked so thats one thing in my favour ...yes im taking naproxen and codene so is helping thanks x

  • Hi Judith, sorry you are feeling so poorly at the moment, if you are coughing a lot it could be you have strained muscles in your chest area, I do hope you start to feel better soon and get some answers with your second opinion. I am just getting over a bad infection where I had two lots of antibiotics and steroids, its the time of year too with all this damp cold weather, try and keep your chin up, I know its hard and gets us down at times.

    Take care xx


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