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Hi again :)

Unfortunately I didn't get the role I was interviewed for but it hasn't dampened my spirits. I'll be going round to all my local charity shops over the next week to see if there is anything available there.

The bad break-up had me down a while but I've since found someone I'm very close to that is helping me so much. He didn't know his father as he died whilst he was young but he still understands more than anyone else I know.

I'll be back soon :)


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Hi Laura,

You are doing great keeping the spirits up and I am so glad you have found someone who can help support you at this time.

Couple of links below Laura, which may give you some more ideas:

Also check blf home page. Look under ' Events ', listed are ways you can experience something different and raise funds for BLF and lung patients at the same time as raising awareness:

Events listed are below, but you need to go to home page for further information on these.

Saigon to Angkor Wat


Challenge, cycling 500kms, Mekong Delta in Vietnam, Cambodia, overseas, fundraising, event

Dog Sledding Challenge


On this seven-day challenge you’ll drive your own group of huskies over 200km through the beautiful frozen landscapes of Kiruna. Stay close to the traditional Sami villages, learn about their culture and see the Northern lights, one of nature’s most spectacular views.

Sahara Trek


On the first day you’ll cross the beautiful Maider El Kbir plateau, passing rose dunes. The region is speckled with the tents of nomadic people, who move there after the first snow falls on the High Atlas Mountains.

Thailand Jungle Expedition


This trek starts in Chiang Mai, where you will journey through spectacular mountain scenery, picturesque landscapes, rice fields, across streams and into bamboo forests. You’ll have the chance to stay overnight in a bamboo stilt house in a tribal village.

The Island Race - Anglesey Half Marathon


The Island Race - Anglesey half marathon, also called the Island Race is a 13.1 mile race that takes runners across the Menai Bridge and along the coast road. It's a flat and fast course so good for a personal best. Fundraise and support people with lung disease.

Best wishes BC


Hi Laura

Their loss sweetheart. I'm sure you will find something which will suit you better - you have so much to give. Good luck.

So pleased too you have found someone who is so supportive.

Thank you so much for letting us know how you are - please keep in touch.

Love cx

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Never mind Laura, one door closes and another opens as they say :)

I always think its great to get as many interviews under your belt as possible. You can learn from them and get more and more confident and competent.

Have you thought of Child line or the new Silverline? Training to become a counsellor?

At the moment though I think your idea of getting out in to the community to charity shops is great.

So nice to hear your news. Take care xx

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Good Luck Laura xxx


Used to do volunteering for age u.k. which is an exhalent charity, it helps builds up your confidence and make new friends!


Hi Laura 27, try your local hospital . I work as a volunteer at my local hospital and we are always look for new volunteers it might be worth giving it a try good luck x


Good to hear from you again Laura 27.Nice that you have found someone to support you through your loss. Sorry you did not get the voluntary post, but as everyone says there are lots of others who want people like yourself for volunteers, so don't be put off, good luck for a good future, keep in touch please, love to hear how things go for you.


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