Had a scare last night. My husband had a breathing attack and stopped breathing. I pressed on his chest and kept calling his name. Eventually he started to breathe. I called 999 and the ambulance took a while to come. Apparently they were told to stand off. They came eventually but he was already back anyway. We had two really nice ambulance men. Not like the last one. They stayed with him for a long time but he was ok. Anyway he is still at home. The Hospice has been in contact this morning and a Dr from there is going to arrange for a scan to make sure he hasn't got a blood clot. It was a pretty scary night. Hope everyone else is ok. X

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  • Sorry to hear that Mavary.it must of been a scary time for you both.i do hope he's ok.

    Jambo x

  • Hi Jambo. I'm just afraid to leave him now even to go and have a shower. I'm waiting for my sons to have one. At least if it's a blood clot they may be able to treat it. If it's not I hate to think what is going to happen. X

  • Hello Mavary

    You must have been terrified, how wonderful you knew what to do. I'm so glad he's ok.

    Kim xxxx

  • Hi Kim. I think you go into automatic mode. We see so much on TV with Vinnie Jones that it's ingrained in you. It's surprising what you can do. I was so scared and shaking like a leaf. Thanks for caring. X

  • Oh what can I say, so so sorry to hear this. I admire your calm. Me I would have gone to pieces. Must be extremely worrying. You are in all our thoughts. Hugs xx

  • Hi Suzy6. It's surprising what you can do when you have got to. I wasn't calm at all I thought my legs were going to give way on me. I was all to pieces inside. The Dr at the Hospice is arranging for him to have a scan tomorrow or Tuesday to see if he has a blood clot in the lung. At least that can be treated. If not I'm afraid it will happen again. I'm afraid to leave the room now. X

  • My thoughts are with you both...best wishes

  • Thank you. All is ok at the moment. We are on tender hooks though. X

  • Oh, Mavary. It must have been truly terrifying for you. Let's hope there is a blood clot (seems a decidedly odd thing to say but you know what I mean). I will be thinking about you. xx

  • Hi Toci. Not odd at all. At least they can probably put him on Warfarin again. If it's not I hate to think the worst.

  • Scary time for you both so big hugs a necessity :) xx (((())))

  • Hi Scrobbity. Major! Major big scare. If I hadn't been there who knows? Thanks for the big hug. It really is needed. X

  • Hi Stitch. Unbelievable isn't it. It's because he has IPF and they didn't think or didn't want him to survive. That's my way of thinking anyway. It's not on is it. Had I not brought him back it doesn't bear thinking about. They have arranged for him to have the scan either tomorrow or Tuesday. The Dr from the Hospice is really nice. X

  • Hi Stitch. I can't see how I can without getting the really helpful ambulance man into trouble for telling me. He was with us for about two hours.i just have to make sure it doesn't happen again and believe me I will. X

  • You're right Stitch. I have made noises in the right direction. Let's see what happens. X

  • I think they would possibly do that on me now to as was told I wouldn't get Intensive Care and resuciated if anything had happened during my last hospital visit. Good job you we're there Mavary...

  • Hi Mavis That must have been a real scare. I sounds like you did a really good job I have got my fingers crossed for both of you do take care and Hope all goes well with the scan. best wishes Irene.

  • so sorry to hear this, you must have been terrified, hope the scan goes well.

  • Thanks Riverbank. I will let you all know as soon as I do. X

  • sorry to hear you had such a scare last night, hope you and hubby are calmer now. That's a strange thing the ambulance being stood down or delayed that must have added to your worry. Hope it's better news with the scan. Your revival attempts were very good it worked well done no wonder you were shaking.If it was me I wouldn't be able to type a message so thank you for contacting your friends xx

  • Thinking of you and your hubby Mavary and hope everything works out well for you both. Very scary for you. Take care. Lots of love. xxxxx

  • Thanks Sassy. X

  • Oh my goodness what a scary time for you both and it must be ongoing until you get the scan and the medics can sort this out. You did soooo well hun.

    Love and hugs to you both.


  • Thanks Cofdrop. I will be sleeping with one eye open and my ears as well. It is really scary. The first time he did it he was sat on the bed first thing in the morning. He all of a sudden.threw himself backwards. I thought he was trying to wake me. I said twice to him that I thought he was trying to wake me up. He said he didn't know anything about it. He did the same Friday morning but I never really saw what happened. I actually witnessed it all last night and it was very scary. X

  • Hi Mavery, so sorry you and hubby have had such a scare, keeping fingers crossed for scan results.

    Take good care BC x

  • Hi Blakey we could do with fingers and toes crossed if that is possible. Thanks. X

  • Hi Bev. I've been watching too much Vinnie Jones on TV with Staying Alive. The CPR. I also went to St Johns when I was a young girl. Saying that they have changed the technique. How are you? X

  • Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a chronic and ultimately fatal disease characterized by a progressive decline in lung function.

    i am sorry and humbled by any dreadful condition afflicting mankind and am looking forward for true answers to benefit everybody

  • Thanks for the info Trw99. X

  • How horrible for you and him. Oh so sorry glad he is ok now and hope that it is a blood clot that can be treated. Hope tonight is much easier for you. With much love TAD xx

  • Hi Tad. Thanks. I'm so tired tonight I could sleep on a clothes line as my Mother used to say. X

  • Mavary, what a terrible thing to have happen. It must have been so scarey. I don't understand about the ambulance - I would want to ask further questions but you are still fragile at the moment. Come back to it when you have the energy.

  • Hi Happyfeet. I know what you are saying about the ambulance but if I did complain I would get that lovely ambulance man in trouble for telling me. I just have to make sure they don't do it again and believe me I will. By the time I had made the call my Husband was back anyway. Should I have had more problems I would call again and make sure they came. Thanks for your concern. X

  • Mavis, I'm so sory to hear this, thinking of you both and wishing you a safe night with some precious sleep. Love to you xxxxx

  • Hi Peeg. We had a good night last night. Me on the two sweeter settee my Husband on the recliner. I don't know if it's my imagination but since that last funny attack he has seemed better. He is walking to the loo better. It may be my wishful thinking. X

  • phew, that's good to hear :)

  • Hi Peeg. It's not good I'm afraid. He had another funny turn and is in Hospital. I will let you all know when I hear anything. X

  • Oh dear, so sorry to hear this. Thinking of you both xxxxx

  • Oh dear Mavis,that must have been so scary but sounds as if you were on the ball.

    Do hope the scan finds the problem,it must be so hard for you both,

    Hugs,love Wendells xxx

  • Hi Wendells. I was so scared. There was absolutely nothing there. He was gone. I shook like a jelly. It's funny though. Since that whatever it was. He seems a bit better. He has however just told me he has had palpitations since six this morning so I will ring the GP to sort it. I'll let you know how things are going. How is you breathing problems. Under control now I hope. X

  • Yes,better through the day,but still a problem at night.The weather got a bit cooler,however just heard on the news that the heat wave is back later in the week! Not looking forward to it

    Do hope hubby is ok,it's such a worrying time for you,do make sure you're kind to yourself though xxx

  • Hi Wendells. He comes first. I am second. My Son who helps us out so much is away this week with my little Granddaughter. They have gone to ( i am probably going to spell this wrong ) Fuerterventurer . He is my rock and I miss him already. My other sons will be here in a minute if I asked them but my youngest is the closest. We do so much together. I have to stop him doing things for me as I like to be a little bit independent and he has a life of his own. I haven't told him anything about Saturday night as I want him to have a good holiday. He did text me yesterday and asked how I was. Meaning his Dad. I replied I'm fine so I didn't lie to him. I don't know what to do. Whether to tell him or not as the last thing he said is let me know if anything changes. I am going to be in trouble when he comes home. Enough of me. Do you sit up in bed? I wondered if that will help with your breathing. One of those riser beds would be good. I'd love to get one for my Husband but they are so expensive. We have spent the last two nights in the lounge. Him on a recliner chair and me on a two seater settee. How are you getting on with the Temazepam? Does that not help? Well we've got a lovely sunny day at the moment and it's quite mild. Let's hope it lasts. Apart from early morning frosts our winter so far is very mild. We don't get out much so perhaps I'm kidding myself. I don't know what's worse freezing cold weather or boiling hot. Well you take care of yourself I will let you know how things go. Mavis. Xxx

  • Oh Mavary, What a scary time. Did you try to do CPR? Don't know how I would do it as I am so breathless at present but I would certainly try. In the village we have had a heart machine installed and all been down to find out about CPR. All trained up. Some of the younger people are on a list and when you phone 999 the medics know there is a machine in the village and call somebody to get there fast to help before the medics arrive. We are very rural here so the ambulance isn't quick. At least we all know what to do in an emergency although when panic takes over it is a different matter. The machine actually tells you what to do and I think it has already been used. My daughter has had lots of training and lives just opposite so there is hope for me. I felt terrible this morning but forced myself to go out and feel a bit better now. It took me ages to get sorted, oxygen, wheelchair, cough medicine, tissues and sweets but we got to town and I bought a new cardigan for me and a mack for my granddaughter (won't be able to do it when I am gone) and am now happily looking at the posts and trying not to think about the future. I am really interested in how your husband is doing and what treatment he receives as I know I am going down the same road.Frustrating that there is no real treatment . Hope he is a bit better now. Regards Popplewell

  • Hi Popplewell. I have just come back from the Hospital. He had another funny episode as the ambulance men say. The palliative care nurse came in this afternoon and she wasn't really very happy with what has been going on. She went down to the Drs and reported to her. The nurse came back and asked if it was possible to go down to see her. I took him to the car in a wheelchair and at the Drs borrowed one of theirs. The Dr said she thought he ought to go to Hospital to see what was going on. We were sent home to wait for a phone call to tell us where to go. Anyway I brought the wheelchair in with him in it and put it next to his chair. He sat in his chair and immediately had another funny turn. I rang the Dr back and by then he was round again. The Dr said to ring 999. So that is what I did. I don't know any more of what it is but will let you know. I don't think somehow it is anything to do with IPF. X

  • Hi Mavary, When I went to pulmonary rehab. they said that hospital was the worst place to be but when you are really sick it is definitely the best. Don't loose hope but remember to look after yourself too. Who said life was easy. Good wishes to you both. Lois

  • Thanks Lois. Will catch up with you all later. X

  • Hope all is still well Mavary with you and your husband today.

  • Hi Katieoxo60. He had another funny turn this afternoon and has now gone to Hospital. He is fine after them. I don't know any more yet. X

  • Just seen this post Mavis,what a terrible time you've been through,thoughts& prayers with you both,glad that he's being seen too,fingers crossed,all goes well,

    Hugs,love Wendells xxx

  • Thanks Wendells. I will keep you all posted. X

  • Glad you both got through the night safely, don't need scares like that!

    Let's hope the Doctors sort Hubby out soon x

  • Hi Lurcherman. He had another funny turn today and has gone to Hospital. He is ok after them. I don't know anything at the moment. X

  • Hi Mavery, You poor soul, you must have been absolutely terrified. Your Hubby's IPF must be a lot worse than mine. You take care now and I will be thinking of you. Cheryl

  • Wonder what it takes to turn a human into the type of person who would tell an ambulance crew to stand down and deny a terrified woman the help she needs to stop her husband dying.

    Sorry for the rant Mavary. Like a lot of others I'm so angry for you. I don't think I could have coped so well. So very happy it all turned out okay for you all.

    (But agree with others. It would be good if you could find out who and why they decided your husband's life wasn't worth the effort or time)

    We're all thinking about you both xx

  • Hi Butterfly. I think I know why. When I told the lady on the phone my Husband had IPF she had to go and speak to her superiors. I think she put the ambulance that was heading here on standby until she knew what to do. X

  • Hi Stitch. I just don't know what is happening to him. He seems to go to the loo or the Drs yesterday. Come back, Sit in the chair then go of into this either faint or fit. I'm not sure which. I took him to the Drs yesterday in the wheelchair so he didn't have to walk anywhere. We came back. I put the wheelchair right next to his chair so he only had to step over. He just went into this whatever it was. Saturday was the worst. He came back from the loo, sat in the chair and had one. As far as I knew he was gone as I couldn't see him breathing. It was so scary. I've got a funny feeling it's something to do with his blood. It could be the oxygen in it is not enough. I don't know. Anyway he is in the best place to sort him out. He is in Taunton Hospital which is quite a big one. I've always got a lot of faith in them. X

  • Hi Mavary

    Hope you are too busy sleeping the sleep of the weary to answer this. Our collective wishes and hopes are with you sweetie.

    Take care of yourself. The nurses and doctors are taking care of your husband now.


  • Hi Butterfly. What a lovely name you've chosen. Thanks for your post. No news yet. They are still testing. X

  • Hello Marvary Iam at a loss for words goodness me what a time of it you are having!!! How good are you nurse Marvary staying alive with our Vinny how happy he would be to know how he had helped,it's a good advert.I to was in St. John's and Red Cross ,your right the techniques have changed considerably on all sorts.My heart goes out to you and sending positive vibes with everything crossed for a good scan results .Im glad you have one of your sons with you at the mo you need the company. Sending love and Huggs to you all. :) Jane xx

  • Hi Jane. I expect you've seen he is now in Hospital. He has had four episodes as they call it in eight days so has now gone in to sort him out. X

  • Hello Mavary, Try and catch up on your sleep while Hubby is in Hospital. Hope he is improved today and they can tell you why this is happening. Still in my heart thoughts and prayers.

  • Hi Suzy6 I will keep you all posted. X

  • Good advice from Suzy6 about trying to catchup on some sleep if you can while hubby in hospital Mavis, you don't want to be collapsing with exhaustion. Keeping everything crossed for you both. Take good care. BC

  • Mavis, I'm just reading through your recent posts and am saddened to see that things have not improved and that your husband is continuing to have these episodes.

    I am glad he is in hospital and hope they can get to the bottom of this. I shall be thinking of you both.

  • Thanks Happyfeet.

  • my partener stopped breathing last week scared me i coulnt stop shaking

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