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Any other COPD sufferers out there getting chronic chest muscle pain?


I was diagnosed with COPD 8 yrs ago (although my chest consultant insists it's COAD, I've never smoked, lifelong asthmatic). Got diagnosed with PMR last yr n been suffering with back pain In chest muscles for months but my rheumatologist doesn't know why and chest chap not interested. Particular pain on right side where I had pneumonia yr ago. Anyone else had similar probs?

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Yes others do get such pains including myself, these are some of the possible causes cramp from inhalers, poor oxygen levels when exercising, muscle wastage, poor stamina levels, overdoing it for your level of COPD, coughing bouts, broken ribs, other illness or even an allergic reaction to drugs. There are many causes so you have to try and find the cause so you can have the proper treatment. Try all treatments offered too as everyone is different in what helps pain. Chronic illnesses and long term use of drugs can cause changes over a period of time so hope this helps you, a discussion with BLF helpline nurses might be a good first step details are in the help box at top of page good luck.

Yes I get pains in my chest too I have just been diagnosed with copd

I don't know why either sorry I can't be of help

hope your pain goes soon


Hi yes i get pain in chest too ....and i had no problems untill i had pneumonia 18 yrs ago either ....dr has treated me as an asthmatic for years but now they dont think i am ...anyways im currently on my sixth lot of antibiotics and steroids due to infection in my left lung which presents with pain in chest and back . Hope you get sorted lots water and take paracetamol regular too my rheumatoligist said to do this wishes judithx


I get pains around the collar bone when I have been gasping for breath is that the same kind of pain an ache not a sharp stabbing pain like a broken rib. I get moaned at for bad posture letting my shoulders drop by the nurse saying you cannot breathe with shoulders dropped.

peege in reply to Hidden

Eh? That's weird Morse, at PR I was trained to relax & drop shoulders!

I know from experience that when I raise & tense shoulders the muscles go into spasm, when its been really bad for a long time the nerves get inflamed and that particular network of nerves spread through the shoulder blades to collar bone & upper ribs and can be very sore. Takes ages to get sorted.

Just a suggestion - not a diagnosis!! :)

There are several causes for chest pain and I think its remiss of your con to dismiss it.

Personally speaking, I've had a pain in low front lung area for 6 weeks. I've been presuming its a recurrence of the pleurisy I've had twice in the same place but far more painfully before though I'm beginning to wonder and starting to worry about it so I'll be seeing doc to get it sorted.

Both my father in law and my mother ever touched a cigarette and both had lung cancer (secondary) - I'm not suggesting for one moment that this is what you have but we deserve to be treated well and not fobbed off.

Good luck and do see your Doc. P

Hello TiredScot I think a lot of the time muscle pain around the chest area and top of the back is due to sitting hunched because we cannot breath well. coughing which if you are not careful can pull muscles in all sorts of weird and wonderful places. I find it hard to distinguish between pain in the chest or in the external muscles or my stomach/ digestive tract. I have had asthma since I was two so it all becomes a little confusing.

hope you find an answer. best wishes Irene

Like everyone else here I suffer with chest pains, and as someone said it feels like a broken rib, but, it moves from side to side; plus I can be in agony for weeks then wake up one morning and it's gone. Coughing when it is there could result in the grandchildren learning lots of new little words if I am not careful. The medical professionals all say it is just pulled muscles, but the pain is terrible, and pain killers don't seem to do a lot.

My specialist that my pains were to do with the muscles at full stretch because my body is trying to increase the size of my lungs due to a bullous from emphysema and IPF. Diaphragm is pulled up and twisted. Very hard to do anything about it. Sometimes slow deep breathing and relaxing on out breath works, just sometimes. It's worse when I am slightly tense, in a new situation, or a sudden turn or stretch. I had two really bad bouts and ended up in cardiac unit, but it was not a heart attack. Thankfully the second time they were not dismissive and did lots of tests and so found lung problems. Specialist says the lungs and heart so connected it may happen again. But it's hard to relax through the pain and it bothers me more than being breathless as it is so sudden. Someone said it was pulmonary hypertension but I do not know. And there is so much 'not known'.

Keep never-minding a friend said.

I had a very bad infection in 2008 and was in ICU 32 days and was in a mess and have scaring to the inside and outside of my lungs which gives me pain on deep breathing. I have pain relief which is not working now :(

I notice you do not smoke but did you work in a dusty or chemical environment?

I did find this link that might help?

Be Well

I had a bad dose of flu May 2013 and since then I have a cramp in my left side and yes I do get pains in my chest.


yes, I too was diagnosed with copd 7 years ago, and I do get a burning/ aching in my shoulder blades,and aches in my chest that is uncomfortable.. I had a bout of pleurisy a few weeks ago and I feel it has left me with this discomfort. I am still having to go back to doctor as I had 2 chest xrays, and 2 courses of antibiotics, and I need to know if its clearing up. I think bad posture, cold air, amongst other things can also cause aches in the chest. If im out in the cold air too long it really hurts. Check with your doctor and make sure whats going on. I hope all goes well for you.

hi not sure weather or not every one gets pain but try and keep it moving if you can i too get very sharp pain in shoulders and bottom off bk and sometimes in middle bk can be very paiful but worth tellibng doc

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