Has anybody else been given Vertine instead of Serevent?

Some time ago, my pharmacy replaced Salamol with a cheap substitute "Salbutamol" by Sandoz which was utterly and totally useless. When I phoned the surgery they said 'Oh yes - we've had a lot of patients tell us about this' and I got my old inhaler back.

I'm just hoping this isn't another cost cutting exercise which could affect our already impaired health.

Vertine hasn't been mentioned anywhere on here - and it doesn't show in the tags under this question (which is extremely annoying.)

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  • Hi

    First time I have heard of this.

    I found this on internet,


  • Not really any help but thanks for taking the trouble!

  • You can now buy Ventalin from chemist but you can also buy the generic at a lot lower cost so I would say it is a cost saving decision

  • Thanks. I suspect it is cost saving but that doesn't really help either lol!

  • Vertine and Serevent inhalers both deliver similar doses of salmeterol.

  • Yes I know, thank you. Vertine manufacturer has used Serevent stats to get their licence approved.

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