Anyone know why a lung specialist would change diagnosis of Bronchitiasas to chronic lung sepsis

On my ct scan results it said i did not have Bronchitiasas but i do have emphsemea and emphysematous changes and consoladation of my iferior lingula.

Also my lung doc said i have copd hyperventalation and gas traping.

Issue is why as he changed is diagnosis from bronchitiasas to chorinic lung sepsis .. if thay are both the same.

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  • i have emphysema and chronic Bronchitis ,i been to see doctor yesterday and he said you need counseling ,i told him i am going to gyms 3 times a week ,i am in antibiotics one week yes and other week no, change my life ,i will try to fight it and i hope every one do the same ,we have nothing to loose

  • Hi 123podmore could you elaborate as to why i need counselling given my condition.

    I have seen my scan and its not a pretty picture .. Everyone as various level of illness lung destruction thus asking questions about my condition a cant see why i need counselling

  • 123podmore I was just wondering why he said you need counceling? X

  • Hi mcnally yer my doc did not say out about counselling .. it was 123podmore who said about counselling WHY a don't know perhaps could elaborate further

  • Hi cheers offcuts

  • It is curious. I was treated for bronchiectasis for 12 years, under the supervision of a consultant. When he retired I

    I changed to another NHS specialist who wanted to start "with a clean sheet" and arranged for me to have a high resolution CT scan. When the time came to discuss the results with me he told me that there was no sign of bronchiectasis but that I did have mild emphysema! He told me not to worry as the treatment is virtually the same.

    I remember having a scan 12 years ago when "bronchiectasis" was diagnosed. I can only imagine that, either the bronchiectasis has been cured (which seems improbable) or that modern scanners produce more accurate information.

  • Hi it is all very confusing .. i cant understand why my doc give ct scan results said i had bronchitiasas when i did not .. Was he trying to even out emphysema damage to my lungs by saying i had

  • It`s funny you should say this.

    I was initially diagnosed with asthma and scared lung, after a bad attack last year The consultant did a CT scan and the told me " I don`t think you ever had asthma it is bronchiectasis"! then I was told "ah you have all three and COPD.

    I have now just given up!! what will be will be.

    Take the meds, eat best I can and exercise when I`m able to.

    Complicated subject this, doesn't appear to be a definite definition of our condition.

    Well to put it in the words of the doctor..................AH WELL.

  • Hi tomc yes thats my doc opinion to .. a don't think that is acceptable yer is complex but persistence pays off.

    Am not happy with this hole sepsis emphysema thing .. Defo somthing hiding

  • Don't know daz, it all seems like a bloody fight at times, by the way love the new picture, very swarve, hope your ok x x x

  • Hi medow cheers yer is a fight ... one a could do with out .. anyway thought ad change pic cheer myself up glad you like :)

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