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I always wonder why some days i fleck like a dog .. or is it more polite to say feel itchy or fleck like a bear

I always wonder why some days i fleck like a dog .. or is it more polite to say feel itchy or fleck like a bear

Am sure there a song called itchy.

Anyway yep sometimes i feel very ichy and have noticed its when am coming down with a infection.

A surpose thats where thay get saying feeling a bit liverish or attitude like a bear

But yer on serious point i always wondered about this itchiness and is it side effect of my liver getting a hammering thus resulting in later club fingers given my lung disease asbestos... and not being a drinker well uless you count a shandy.

Sure i know drinkers end up with club fingers and liver disease

But whys lung disease affect your liver

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Am glad a dont suffer from brain itch .. Looks like liverish is least of my problems :)


Hi stitch yer itching was bad felt like chewing my leg of or down to the bone .. but ye according to am tv ichying is a sign of liver diease yer sure thay could be simple causes but a bet its down to our lung diease


Hi stitch yep me too not bad know .. Its good job we dont have schizophrenic tendencies our we might of eaten our self .. Wonder if being zobie like is pip able


Pete itches a lot Daz and I have no real idea why. I think it could be the medication or maybe not. Pete's body behaves in lots of weird ways. I hope you are feeling a bit better now and wish you all the best as always. Have a good weekend and stop scratching if you can. xxxxx :)


Hi cheers sassy59 yep i have few problems .. am still waiting for my doc to address to


Hi Daz

I have my blood checks done regulary, my liver count has shown higher than the norm from the time I became ill. The doc says when there is illness in the body it can show that the liver has to work harder, also if there is inflammation in the body and some meds affect the liver. I have periodic blood checks to ensure my liver is coping ok, mainly to do with one of the meds I am on. The good news is my liver count shows lower now than it has been in previous years even though it is still just above the high end of normal.

I also get the itchy skin episodes from time to time, I agree with stitch some drugs can cause this, also if skin is dry or if the body is slightly dehydrated. I do hope you are not coming down with an infection Daz.

Drinking plenty of water, will help in so many ways, help the liver cope better in cleaning the blood and removing toxins from the body, keeps us hydrated, thins mucus etc.

When I asked about the concave affect on my nails, my doc said this can be an indication of airway obstruction, blood tests should indicate if there is anything else going on.

That clubbing when there is in a increase in tissue around the ends of the fingers and or when the nails invert is an indication of lung disease, I did feel for young Bernice who was on the news recently, she had terrible clubbing on her fingers but that was the least of her worries. She had a double lung transplant, I will post her story separately, towards the end of the video she puts her hand to her face and you can see the extent of the clubbing.

Keep well Daz, keeping fingers crossed you don't have an infection coming.

Best wishes BC

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Hi bc cheers ye is always nice chewing it over ... yep i feel quite s### but my lung doc said best get use to it BUT do you ever Nope just make best of what you have.

As is my guts ache most days but as passing ok must be nothing .. or its that sepsis load of crap but ye guna get some viagra of doc in case my blood pressure drops think it constricts your blood vessels thus will stop sepsis blood pressure hi lows .. but yer a think talking about sepsis dose not lung disease constrict your blood vessels after all is that not why i suffer hypertension .. i might even be thankfull to lung disease.

Have to do post on it bc

Anyway cheers


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