My beautiful mum:-)

Hi everyone just thought I'd let you know that my mum has made great improvement and started eating and trying her best to be her usual self again. After the scare she gave me on tuesday, she has promised to do as she is told and if not feeling too good in the future she will let me call for an ambulance right away. She is still to weak to get out of bed but hopefully monday starting some physio. Once again thanks for all your support. You all helped me get through that long 24 hours.Take care everyone love ,Bernadette xx

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  • Wonderful news ! So very happy for you, wishing mum a very speedy recovery x x x

  • Many thanks medow, I can now sleep peacefully:-) xx

  • Me too, going to sleep with a smile on my face thinking of your mum x x x

  • Glad to hear your Mum is better Bernadette. I lost mine nearly eight years ago and still miss her. Look after and treasure her she is the only one you will get. X

  • I love her to bits she has always been there for me I will always be here for her.i am so lucky as I live next door to her so she is never on her own. Night night! Xx

  • So glad things are improving for your Mum Bernadette, it sounds like she is in a good frame of mind for a good recovery.

    Wishing you and all the very best BC x

  • Thanks, I think this scare has made her even stronger, thanks for your best wishes, nite nite! Xx

  • Nice to hear good news x

  • I'm so happy to hear your good news. Your mum is lucky to have such a caring daughter. Look after your mum but remember to look after yourself also. Very best wishes to you both.

    L A xx

  • Thanks Lesley Anne xx

  • So pleased to read about your mum. You will appreciate having her even more, and enjoy every moment. After decades, I think about my mother and think, could I have done better. She was a lovely lady. I had the privilege of nursing on the ward where she was admitted with terminal CA. That was hard xx

  • That's wonderful Bernadette,I'm so happy for you both.

    You have both been through the mill of late,& hopefully Mum will listen more in the future to you! After this scare,she might be more open about it all.She is lucky to have such a caring daughter,& living next door to you,an added bonus!

    Now,you make sure you look after you!

    Love to you both, Wendells xxx

  • Thank you, having a lazy morning today with sometime to myself :-) then taking mum some dinner in as she is gluten free and not so keen on hospital food but as she only weighs 5st 5 I need to try and biild her ip. So homemade cooking always helps:-) xx

  • So pleased for you. Take some me time now. Best wishes to you and yours.

  • Thanks xx

  • Good news and hope your mum gets stronger by the day. Take care. xxxxx

  • Thank you xx

  • Very good news. X

  • Really nice to have some good news, very pleased for you and your Mum and I think YOU deserve a medal for holding in there for her!!

    Gotta really good feeling for 2014 ;-)))

  • Lets hope so my brother getting married in may and mum so looking forward to it:-) Thsnks for ur kind words! X

  • I'm so pleased your mum is feeling better I lost my mum last year and she could be very stubborn at times would not go to the doctors but she was mum. x

  • Sory about your mum, its hard when they are stubborn but hopegully now after this scare she wil let me decide when she needs to go. Take care! Xx

  • Glad things have improved

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