hi all im a newbe

Hi all.im 53 and have just had a spiromotry and been told i have the lungs of an 86 year old!! Gulp it was really scary to hear, I have beeen refered to pulmonary rehab and wondered if anyone else has been to this.I get really breathless some days... anyone else my age going through this? I am an ex smoker, starting to feel a bit down about it all.

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You will find several members have been on a pulmonary rehablitation course.

6 weeks 12 one hour sessions, one hour excercise one hour talk.

You only excercise according to your abilities, you will push youself but you are in safe hands.

From the discussion you will learn about your condition, breathing methods and more.

You will benefit from the course more so if you continue after the course as finished.

Hiya Jelob

I'm 70 and I did the PR course with an oxygen tank on my back. My lungs are, apparently, 120 years old. It's a great course and you will enjoy it and learn quite a lot. I am presently on a Lung Smart course which followed on from the PR one. Go for it and have fun.


Hi jelob, welcome, sure some of those who have been on rehab will give you info on what it involves. As I understand it rehab is one of the best treatments for your lungs, and you will meet others with similar problems.

Hello welcome

I've done PR was brilliant, I'm hoping for another one. They teach you how to exercise safely, I got the opportunity to go on to a gym at reduced rates where the instructors had been trained to teach people with respiratory illness, but that's my area don't know how it works elsewhere.


Keep off the cigs and have PMA COPD can be improved with exercise.

Did the Course last year and it really helped. Through that I became involved in our local Breathe Easy Group and that really helps as well.

Don't give up cos it's not the end of the world, I've been living with it for twenty years and just pace myself on the bad days.

I'm boring the others on here but the best advice I was given was to get out of breath, on purpose, at least once a day to give the tubes a workout!

You won't find better advice for your condition than through the people on this site...

Ps. And a big welcome to the site x

Hi jelob, I wish drs wouldn't do this! I remember one saying much the same to me when I was in my 40's. Scared the life out of me - and to what purpose? I have bronchiectasis and my lung damage cannot be reversed - so what was the point? I have learned just to accept the status quo when it comes to the numbers game, unless it is a number that they say I can improve on. Then it becomes an achievable challenge.

hi im 59 and have got lungs of 82 yr old,,get a little breathless but recover within minutes ,i was diognosed thurs with mild copd,x

Please do go to your PR course then onto your local breath easy group. Also I try to walk for one hr a day, you must excersise to keep your heart good, this will keep you stronger. I have severe emphysema and a giant bullae, aged 64yrs old and I refuse to be beaten by this. Stay young and don't let this take over your life.

Welcome jelob

You are lucky to be offered the pulmonary rehabilitation course, its a great course and will help you manage your symptoms so you can keep as well as you can. To give you an idea, you might want to view the post link below:


Don't be put off by your breathlessness, we learn to manage that through the PR course.

People that attend PR can vary in age so you may well meet a friend or two. :)

All good wishes BC

Hi, we're the same age! Yes PR is fab and you will learn so much. I've never smoked a day in my life but have ended up with asthma and bronchiectasis. Keep your chin up petal. L A xx

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